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Happiness Defined

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AImee is a mother of two who enjoys throwing words on paper. No method, just blah and it's out there.

Why Choose Happiness -

Happiness, though it has a definition, should actually be defined in our own terms. It will be different for each person. There is no definitive explanation for what makes each of us happy, and I am certain my version is different than yours, however; I'd like to take you along on my journey.

Pure happiness, new mommy on the lake in the sunshine.

Pure happiness, new mommy on the lake in the sunshine.

My Happiness Defined

Sunshine - that word in itself loosely defines what happiness means to me. There are subcategories, but the encapsulating umbrella is sun rays beating down on me, instantly improving my mood. There is nothing more invigorating to me than walking down the boat ramp, almost sweating (if my body weren't an amazing medical mystery that doesn't sweat), holding the hand of one of my perfect boys, carrying my ice water, greeting fellow dock visitors as I go. This is just the beginning of what makes me who I am.

It only gets better, arriving at the houseboat, turning on some music, and sitting in the sun waiting for other family and friends to arrive. The chairs are immediately moved outside in the sunshine as we settle in and get ready for any variation of a wonderful visit to the lake. When everyone begins to arrive, there is quite the bustle around as we all unpack, put away groceries, make drinks, and just release the tensions of the outside world. We are in a whole new world, ready for adventures, relaxation, and lots of sun.

Once everyone arrives and settles in, we untie the boat from the dock and head out into the main channel on our way to new adventures. Sitting in the chairs with our feet propped up, listening to some jams and chatting about how things have been in the outside world, the stress and tension melts away. Once we arrive at our destination (whatever shoreline seems appropriate this time), we take care of our responsibilities (tying up the boat, managing the boat against the wind, etc) and then put on our bathing suits.

Now here's the sticky part for some people. Our bodies are all different shapes and sizes, and we need to forget that and just enjoy ourselves. It doesn't matter if you are large, small, short, or tall, just relax. Trust me, I am not judging you on your body, it's just not part of my game. Put on that suit, or whatever variation of clothing make you feel good about you, and jump in the water, it's about 88 degrees right now, and relax. Notice a repeat there, yep it's all about relaxation. You can float, paddle board, jump, dive, or stay on the boat. It's all about you.

This entire time I am not thinking about what this means to me, I just feel it. I know that this is what makes me happy and feel alive. There are hiccups (broken pickle jars, ropes stuck in the prop, illness), but it doesn't change anything. Memorial weekend, I was sick the entire weekend, but it didn't make me regret being there. I would barely eek myself out of the bathroom and sit in the sunshine for a few minutes before the next wave hit. You know what I remember from that weekend? The very last day when I finally started to feel human, I jumped on the paddle board and went into a nearby cove. In that cove a saw a snake swim out to the water, catch a fish that was bigger than him, then he swam back to shore. From the water I could see him swallowing that fish. Totally cool and something I wouldn't have seen if I stayed at home miserable in my sickness.

My simple advice, find what makes you happy and pursue. It really is that easy. There will be barriers, heck the last week we spent on the boat were spend in a hail of ash from nearby fires, and we haven't gone back for a couple weekends because the fires are still raging, but my happiness is still inside me. I know I will make it back and or create some other semblance of what it takes for me to be satisfied. I hope you can do that too. It doesn't have to be this elaborate, maybe it's just a refreshing iced tea with a book, a solitary run (not my thing), a cup of hot cocoa in the snow (definitely not my thing). Whatever it is, ENJOY.


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