Go Into All the World!

Updated on November 4, 2017


Are you often in the throes of "Go! Go! Go!"?

Do you, at times, feel the sting of the busyness of your daily business?

Are you sinking in a debt of rush, rush, rush?

We have alarm clocks, stopwatches, timers, car horns, deadlines, to-do lists, stacks of files to file, needs to be met, kids to feed, husbands that need attention, wives who want time, and pets that need to be brushed. We have become a society that is not particularly happy unless we have a busy day, week, month, or year on our calendars.

I understand busyness, trust you me. I am an evangelist, wife, stay-at-home mom, homeschool educator, and full-time college student. My days typically start between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. and when I climb into my bed at 9:00 p.m., I have [literally] been going all day long.

Let me ask, though; in all that going, have you considered being in the going of YHVH's purpose for you?

Are you ready to get out there among the people where we have been mandated? We are to be evangelizing, being witnesses of the goodness of our Elohim, and we are to be evangeliving, letting the glory of our Elohim shine in us as a light unto a lost and dying world.

Introduction ... continued

Matthew 28:19--” ‘Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.’ “

For today, there is too much saying, “I’m going to do.”, but not enough going.

There is too much saying, “I love you.”, but not enough actions to prove it.

There is too much saying, “Let me help you.”, but not enough actual helping.

There is not enough saying, “Hide me behind the cross.”, yet a lot of, “Let me do it myself.”

There have always been, there are now, and there will always be times of going, and our command is very clear; “Go!”

Examples of "Going"

HaShem commanded Noach (Noah), “Go! Gather the materials that I tell you to and make a tovah, an ark because I am going to destroy the Earth and purge its wickedness.” You can read about Noah in Genesis 6-9.

HaShem commanded Abram, later called Abraham, “Go! Leave everything you’ve ever known because I’m about to bless you and your descendants.” You can read about this account of Moshe’s going in Genesis 12.

Later, HaShem commanded Abraham, previously called Abram, “Go! On a mountain in the region of Moriah, I want you to give back to me what I gave you, your son, your favorite son.” You can read about this event in Genesis 22.

Ya’akob (Jacob) was commanded of Adonai, after wrestling with Adonai for a time and having his hip wrench “Go! For I have blessed you. And, by the way, from now on, you will be called Yisra’EL (Israel) because you have seen Me face to face.” You can read about this even in Genesis 32:22-32.

Genesis 41:55 says, “When all Egypt began to feel the famine, the people cried to Pharaoh for food. Then Pharaoh told all the Egyptians, ‘Go to Yosef and do what he tells you.’” The people had a need. Pharaoh told them how to get that need taken care of, but it meant the people had to go, they had to take action.

In Genesis 42:2, Yisra’EL understands “Go!” to mean action to save one’s life as he sends ten of his sons to Yosef for life-saving grain. What do you use grain for? To make bread. In, John 6:35, Yeshua declares, “I am the Bread of Life.”

In Genesis 46, Yisra’EL is commanded of HaShem, “Go! Go to Egypt, be with your son Yosef. It’s okay because I will be with you every step of every day.” You can read about this even in Genesis 46.

In Exodus, YHVH says to Moshe, “Go! My children are in Egypt and you will be the one I use to bring them out of Egypt.” Read about this in Exodus 3:10.

In the book of Luke, in the New Testament, we find a twelve-year-old Yeshua in the temple. In answer to his parents' worry, He replied, “My Abba sent me to do a work. I am going as commanded.” And, [roughly] eighteen years later, we read, in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, the first four books of the New Testament, all the places that Yeshua went, as He put into action the mission for which Abba sent him.

Even going to the cross to provide a way for salvation for all of man(kind) …

Matthew 1:21--”She (Mary) will give to a Son and you are to give Him the Name Yeshua because He wills ave His people from their sins.”

Recommended Reading: John 1:1-18.

Philippians 2:5-8--”In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Yeshua ha-Meshiachah: Who being in very nature HaShem, did not consider equality with HaShem something to be used to His own advantage; rather, He made Himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to death- even death on a cross!”

Hebrews 12:2--”We fix our eyes on Yeshua, the author and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before Him He endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of HaShem.”

How do we go?

How do we go?

We go with our feet, usually shod in shoes; don’t we?

The sole (s. o. l. e.) purpose of our shoes helps us to fulfill the soul (s. o. u. l.) purpose of YHVH’s divine will.

And this brings us to the feet of Yeshua, Who used His feet to fulfill the divine will of YHVH.

The same feet that wore the sandals that John, who baptized, felt he was unworthy to tie. John knew the importance of the soles (s.o.l.e.) of Yeshua feet because John knew the soul (s.o.u.l.) purpose of Yeshua would take Yeshua to the places of people’s souls (s.o.u.l.).

The same feet that a confessed sinner, a woman washed, with her very tears, then dried those feet with her hair. This woman knew the importance of the soles (s.o.l.e.) of Yeshua, she knew her soul (s.o.u.l.) would never be the same as Yeshua gave her forgiveness and status in His Kingdom.

And the feet of Yeshua which was so lovingly washed took Yeshua to the feet of His disciples, to serve them, to wash their feet. Yeshua tended the soles (s.o.l.e.) of His disciples because He would soon be taken from them and they would have to carry on His soul (s.o.u.l.) work until His return.

Fast forward to the cross; here Yeshua hangs with nails in His feet. The very soles (s.o.l.e.) that carried soul (s.o.u.l.) food to the masses. Yeshua is the Living Water (John 4:13-14) and He is the Bread of Life (John 6:35, 41, 48, 51). He gave His broken body and every drop of His blood that we might have life in Him.

It is at the “foot” of the cross, with my head hung in shame that I looked and saw the soles (s.o.l.e.) of the One sent to save my soul (s.o.u.l.). Feet I am not worthy to touch, feet that my tears fall upon, feet that walked as a Servant to show me how to GO and be a servant.

Matthew 28:18-20--”Then Yeshua came to them and said, ‘All authority in Heaven and on Earth has been given to Me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’”

It's your turn.

Before you can go, you have to sit down and put your shoes on; in other words, prepare your soles (s.o.l.e.) by preparing your souls (s.o.u.l.).

But don’t get too comfortable in those chairs.

Get up!


Those chairs that you sat down in just a moment ago, they’re okay. There is a law of gravity at work to keep them in their place. They have fulfilled their divine purpose, now it’s time for you to fulfill your divine purpose.



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