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Gain a Kind, New World Just for Yourself

Cally L Sumpter is a wife, mother, and business owner in Arvada Colorado. She is a certified spiritual healer and Reiki practitioner.

Gain a conscious

At six years old my first visit from an angel appeared to me and let me know I was going to be on my own path and whatever happened I was going to be fine. I would learn many things and it was all supposed to happen. I started my actual journey to total enlightenment at 12 years old, when a second angel appeared before me and once again let me know my path is the truth. These messages came to me like a waking dream. This is when I picked up my first new age book and began to read. Then I began to read them all. Loving the fact that I could take matters into my own hands. I could ask for help, into the unknown. Love unconditionally, no matter what and I would be unconditionally loved the same. My spirit guides slowly showed themselves to me, I wasn't afraid. I had invisible friends, always good, with messages for people from beyond. I learned that death wasn't the end it was just another realm apart from ours yet really not that far.

Life is precious and is what matters most. Not the best car, or brand name. There is energy in everything and should be respected at all times. Being on an honor system is important and should be followed at all times. It takes a long time to prove that you are honorable enough for Karma to start bouncing positivity back into your life. Better to start now and depending on how many years you haven't worried or cared enough then you may have a while to go before you start seeing any progress. Just be vigilant, and triple up those Karma points. don't expect Karma to pay you back, your faith or belief. You have to WANT to be a conscious person, to do good things from your compassionate heart space, no expectations, no judgment. Yikes, I know this is why you MUST be ready. ARE YOU?

"Karma means action, work or deed;[1] it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).[2] Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering."

From twelve years on, I had seen what fighting, addiction, and hatred could do to people and I disliked all negativity. No matter what I would love unconditionally, I had a place to go where I could think, grow, have fun and learn to love unconditionally. Riding horses, and taking care of them became what all I wanted. I learned to do what I was supposed to do and left to grow on my own. Do your chores, homework and I was left alone. That was fine with me. Horses. My saving grace. It is so much easier to have a big furry friend than one that is human. It wasn't always easy, there were some major pitfalls, lots of sadness and disappointment. I am eternally grateful to have had a place to go, to get away and hug a big furry neck and cry. I did make human friends as well and learned from those relationships too.

I have seen that most people don't have a place to go. To let go. To run and play. Sit and think. I was very lucky to have had that for myself.

So lost, so confused as to what do I do now? How do I let go? Where do I start? Well, I have seen and helped people by giving them a few helpful hints. Start small. A little bit every day. Practice. Become aware of your actions and words. When you make a mistake, learn from it and move on. Ask the universe, belief, faith, earth, prayer, meditate, ask for help.

This first step is knowing that it is time for a change, be aware that there may be some aspects of your life that need polishing. Find the polish and let yourself shine.


An example of a bad conscious

"She didn't even care that her friend had other important plans and really couldn't help. All she cared about was she needed help and wouldn't even take her friends needs and feelings into consideration. "What could be more important than" It wasn't a life or death matter it was just that she needed a babysitter and her friend already had plans. Very important plans that had been on the calendar for at least a month? Her friend was torn between the two situations but decided to keep her plans. She gained seniority, did what she wanted to do and had a great time. Her friend was the one who needs to gain a conscious. Mistakes on her part could be alleviated by admitting this very daunting life-changing factor and becoming a person that isn't so hypocritical, better planning, communicating, expecting her friend to drop everything and getting upset and guilt tripping her friend when she said she had plans.

If you keep having to remind yourself that you are a good person. Everyone else is the bad people, and everything that happens to you is because the world is against you, so, therefore, you are against the world? If you are consciously thinking this way then you are in deep deep dark waters my friend, time to wake up and get a grip on your own internal reality. The world is against you because you deem it so. It is your fault. Admit it, accept it and practice new ways to have a wiser, compassionate conscious.

The road to awareness

Do you go around telling people how they should be, live, do because you think your way is always better than everyone else? Can you admit that you are selfish, shallow, envious, controlling...even a mean or a nasty person and you're just fine with that? Does it seem like you fight more then love? Friends, family are always flitting in and out of your life because they need a break from you? Do you get angry almost every day, depressed, sad, an emotional roller coaster on a track in a deep dark tunnel? How about trying some acceptance, letting go of judgments and expectations and allowing the roller coaster to become a train to better, creative, POSITIVE life situations? Yes!! Please read Are you sure? Then that's fine too, you aren't ready so please move on to reading silly captions on silly pictures, playing your video games, drinking a beer and watching tv. Are you escaping from life?

It is hard work to even admit defeat. "I do have some issues I need to work on, I am not as good a person as I could be. Yet YOU have and that in itself is a fantastic start to a new and wonderful beginning. It is fun to start a new adventurous road to a path of brighter colors, more creative highlights to your life. YOU make it fun because YOU will bring that into your life, YOU will ask for great things to come into your life. No more excuses, blaming everyone else and never yourself, there is an old saying, " YOU have no one to blame but yourself" Once you can admit defeat then your healing and recovery can begin.

Have you ever had someone tell you that you should listen more, or to quit interrupting and let them speak? Do you automatically become defensive and tell them, "I do listen!" You argue with them until they have to walk away shaking their head? You may think you are always right but in one is ALWAYS right. No one listens all the time. Is it time that you realize you do make mistakes. people are your mirror, especially your elders. Respect the fact that they are just trying to help you, become a broader person, sharing their wisdom with you. Is it time to broaden your Horizons?


Be patient, your answers will come

Closed eyes and tears falling endlessly and they were allowed to fall. Soft, warm at first then cool upon nodding cheek. This was letting go, feeling relief, because feeling emotion can raise your consciousness.

It seems that many people still don't quite listen or pay attention. When their friend is saying, explaining or telling a story. Really, there is no excuse for interrupting, having ADD or ADHD and the story becomes boring, too long or just not your thing. This is your friend, and if you are always trying to be a better friend, then learn to work on your conscious, respect, compassion and listening. It really is ok that you want to become a better person. You are on the road to truth and discovery. There will be many curves, forks, gates, doors, potholes ... yet learn to ask, be patient and your answers will come.

We as humans have come so far. Yet we have many many moons to go. There are many ways to become more conscious, and at times it can seem like a lot, there are many great ways for people who would like to have more choices and ideas on how to work on accessing more conscious. Find even a few that they would like to try. Be truthful with yourself, really go deep down and ask yourself if you do some of these aspects ALL the time. If not then you still can work on even the ones you do sometimes.

The following are 10 choices to access for a stronger positive conscious mind and spirit.

1. Be young wild and free. Youth stays on the inside. Always have fun, no matter what, and still, work on your consciousness. Be a wiser friend, son, daughter, lover, pet owner, businessman, woman, teacher, and spirit in a human body. Love yourself more and it becomes easier to love life, earth, and one another that much more. Starting a journal is a great way to get your thoughts together, get all the steps and ideas out to the universe instead of nagging your mind. Documenting your journey is very compelling to go back and see how far you have come. Also, you may come to find that you are a poet, storyteller or a songwriter!

2. Let go of all the excuses, negative words, cussing, yelling, name calling, I don't give a f@#$!! I don't care... Whatever. I hate... I cant, won't, don't, shouldn't, couldn't. It's too hard, late, stupid, and in context of course. Goofing around with friends, telling a story, going out on the town "letting your hair down is fine yet as you gain more conscious you will begin to realize how important it is to keep your conscious clean and free of negativity. You can because you tell yourself you can instead of can't.

3. We all have bad days. There may be sadness, anger, grief, bitterness, resentment in your space. In order to achieve consciousness, the heart and mind should be free and clear. Work on yourself, releasing negative emotions, letting go, learn to feel your own emotions whether negative and positive. Be sad, cry, and then let it go. This takes practice. You may have to do this again and again. Then bring in aspiration, breathe out the sadness and then breathe in happiness. Gain a teacher if need be, learn to do meditation, join a yoga studio, do what you want to do in life. Then everything else shall fall into place.

4. We all have one physical body. Help your body be healthy, happy and strong. Eat wisely, listen to what your body is telling you. If you are tired you may have a deficiency. Do you need a physical, dental exam, or other doctor visits? Take care of yourself, if you see problems within yourself, then take care of them, in order to seek a conscious life there is no more blocking out your ailments.

5. Clear your mind. If you have too many things going on inside your mind, and you cannot think, then there's not much room to think consciously. One of the first steps is calming the mind. If there are any problems in your life that need to be addressed, then take the first steps and take the time and energy to take care of them. Make sure you're in a good place with work, friendships, relationships, and family. Even down to forgiving someone or apologizing for a prior mistake, even the smallest task can reap the biggest reward.

6. Calm your spirit. Whatever kind of religious, spiritual or other beliefs you have, seek any spirit and soul cleansing needs you feel you may need. That could be a church, meditation center, spiritual healer/teacher, or just getting back to nature. Learning to be present within yourself, prayer, breathing in fresh air, clearing not only your mind and spirit really help you, to becoming more conscious. Also, a good way to become closer to yourself and the world is to ask for help, pray, ask the universal energy. You don't have to do this alone.

7. Changing the energy. If there are situations that keep happening, keeping you from reaching your goal, changing the energy around what is happening is a great way to release and keep things light and clear. If they are getting too hard, take a step back and change the energy. If it becomes too hard, make it easier, maybe you are doing too much too soon. If you become frustrated, then take another step, end on a good note and take a break. Don't go to bed angry. Begin with these baby steps of staying positive even if things aren't going too well. It will get better.

8. Release judgments Does it really matter? Everybody has their own lives, paths, and beliefs, yet this doesn't have to affect you. Release everything negative in your life, not necessarily for belief, life choices, or necessity. Spend your energies on yourself, your life and what really matters. Program your brain to see life with compassionate, kind and diverse eyes. Deprogram yourself by any negative views that you have been taught, grown up with or lived in. You are wanting to make a change and become more aware, that in itself taking a big step toward conscious living.

9. No expectations To be expected to do more than what you can is, at times, heartwrenching. Yet this may be happening more then you like because you expect the same and thus the balance in your life has wained. I like to change this to Respectations. To have respect for life and the energies it employees is a big endeavor. To take off the blinders and truly see and feel the truth and aspects of life is vastly important for the road to consciousness. Do the best you possibly can, be honest and don't bite off more than you can chew. Spend your energy wisely on what is most valuable to you and what you are wanting to achieve.

10. You do have the time if you make time. What is more important than gaining a richer, fuller life. The time is now. You have come this far, you can reach your full potential and live a whole new world starting now. Or add to some other life building aspects you have worked on. Know that life is a blessing and everyone in it is a blessing of light, peace, and love. It will take time and effort but as each life lesson ends and a new one begins you will start to see your potential life begin to show and become a life that you can lead for many years to come.


You Tube is a great place to find music and meditation to start your conscious journey