Frustrated with Things You Can’t Control? Here’s How to Deal

Updated on December 4, 2018
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Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink or use drugs when stressed; I write.


These days, it’s best to know healthier ways to take the edge off — learning how to manage your stress level takes putting some time and practice in as it’s hard not to get overwhelmed every once in a while.

There are many things in life we can't control, stuffs like difficult tragedies to tiny annoyance things. Nevertheless, difficult stuff will take place that we not only didn’t see coming, but things we didn’t do anything to deserve nor can justify that it happens.

Yet, we have no power and no control to stop the issues. Knowing the difference between the kinds of stuff we can control and the things we can’t, will allow us to perceive the concept and know the difficult stuff will happen. It also helps us to control what we can and leave what we can’t.

Most of us are so busy juggling many things, from the family, work and various obligations that life become too stressful to set time aside to relax and unwind from the many challenges.

When we are under heavy stress sometimes it’s hard to accept that we can’t control everything that is going wrong in our life. But bear in mind that your mental and physical health can suffer if you don’t decide to take control of what you do have power over and stop desiring to control the things you can’t be in charge of.

Know those prodigious things will happen in our life, and we must accept that we can’t control everything going wrong in life. Also, take the time to focus on the things we can change and leave what we can’t.


Furthermore, I used to allow myself to sit at home and worry over and over, as I was doing this. I was letting myself overthink, because, I was letting myself overthink when I should have stopped overthinking in its tracks.

Therefore, it would have helped me get my head on straight. Instead, I obsessed over stuff that I could not change. But over the years, I learn to tolerate the things that aren't right in my life and stop agonizing over all the significant or small details at home.

Moreover, when you learn to deal with the stressful stuff that goes on in the workforce, you will appreciate and be able to manage your career properly. That's how I learn to focus on the things I can change and leave what I can’t.

Now for those of you who are frustrated with the things you can’t control, I'm sure you are wondering what are you to do to be in control. And how can you handle the stuff you can't control and how can you deal with the thing that can be so frustrating?

First, you need to understand that the energy you spend on worrying and being frustrated is useless. Next, you need to believe that dwelling on an impossible situation is hopeless.

Then, you need to come up with a solution to solve all problems that are within your control. Last, you need to focus on what you can control, and leave what you can’t.


How to Cope with Frustrated things, You Can’t Control?

here will be situations out of our control, but what we need to do is realize that there are always going to be things in life that will be entirely out of our control. For those who worry and get frustrated and let anger conquer your day, here is how to deal with frustrated things, you can’t control.

When you are in situations that are out of your control ask yourself, "Can I Control This?" It may sound like speaker words, but I want to give you a tool to begin feeling better even when you have NO control over life. Also, by asking yourself, "Can I control this?"

It is a question that is strong enough to give you a better perspective between things you have control over and those you don’t, and it's powerful enough to help you to accept a situation and even in the worst condition.

Take the Time to “Think,” Life is full of so many unexpected events, so when an unforeseen situation arises, rather than struggle and fight, have a meltdown or have an anger outburst take the time to think about what you can control.

A lot of bad things can happen when you are not in control, and you might be irritated that you don’t have the power over the situation, some may even feel weak, and others might even lash out from hurt, but take the time to "Think," and separate the things you can control and those you cannot.


Advice to stay standing when you lack control: In a very unexpected miserable situation, it's essential that you remain calm and accept that the worst has happened even you have no control over the situation.

The first step to administering a situation you can’t control acknowledges that it happens and accept it. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your power to it; you just have to admit that it's happening.

By facing the issue, head-on it will empower you to feel better as you go through it and diminishes the control it has over you. In a situation out of your control, it's important to resist the urge to react with emotion, be attentive, take a pause and know, although you can't control the situation you can control how you respond to your feelings.

We all react in different ways to emotional experiences, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting things to go your way in life. No matter how perceptive someone is, understanding life's challenges and the emotions of others is not something a person is capable of doing.

However, to empower yourself and make the situation better, you have to focus on what you have control over instead of ranting and raving over the thing we have no power over.


Of course, we all have emotions, and we are lead by each and every one of them as they tell a person something about Him or herself, and in an awful situation, intelligent people allow themselves their “bad” days.

No matter how rational someone is, understanding life's challenges and the emotions of others is impossible. While some people make terrible choices when they're angry, there is nothing wrong with wanting control of your own life.

Some peoples are very uneducated about feelings and when you don’t inspire yourself to make an intelligent decision in terrible situations, it's best you change your thoughts.

Lastly, when you frustrated with things you can’t control, there is no need of making yourself miserable by trying to have control over something you can’t change. You need to focus purely on the things you can control, leave what you can’t.

What are your thoughts and opinions on the subject, "Frustrated with Things You Can’t Control? Here’s How to Deal: Focus on What You Can Control, Leave What You Can’t."

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