Forgiveness Letter To Self

Updated on June 27, 2018

Why even write a forgiveness letter to yourself?

You may be thinking to yourself why you would even write a forgiveness letter to yourself. Or how to even begin writing such a letter.

Let me tell you writing a forgiveness letter to yourself will change your life for the better!

We as people tend to:

  • Bury the past
  • Hide pains deep within our hearts
  • Act as though we have everything together
  • Pretend we are not affected by our past

You see taking the time to examine your past and understanding yourself better is a rejuvenating experience.

Take the time right now! to quiet your mind and dig deep to write your very own forgiveness letter.

Be encouraged by the words below, and hopefully they inspire you to write your own!

I want to start off by saying that I forgive you, I forgive you for your cruelty to women emotionally, the way you believe you have to get with other women to feel satisfied, to feel approved, or accepted. I forgive you for not standing up for yourself when you were abused in a sexual manner, being forced to touch your older brothers privates... I forgive you for feeding you lies, about how if you didn’t have a girlfriend you were gay, and if you didn’t get with many women you were a loser. I forgive you that you have hurt other women emotionally by being selfish. By only looking to your own interests, and what you could get out of the deal. Your past two real relationships ended because you were selfish and unfaithful.

I forgive you for not weighing the consequences for your actions, and for not recognizing the pain you would bring to other women emotionally. I forgive you for thinking only about yourself in those short moments that has caused lasting pain in your relationships, untrust, and disconnection.

I forgive you for the times you stayed up late to binge watch porn.. You sitting there trying to cope with your stress due to your empty relationships with women. You felt as though you were receiving some satisfaction from other women, even though it was all artificial. You thought it was some sort of medicine but really is was poison.

I forgive you for when you were only 11 or 12 looking through porn magazines, not understanding and realizing the lasting impact something like that would have on you for years and years to come.

I forgive you for wanting to grow into a better man, but always being held back from the fact of my past and that you will never be good enough.

I forgive you for taking the people that loved you the most for granted. Basically showing with your actions they were worthless, and that they didn’t matter to you.You failed and then failed, and then you even went and failed some more, And when I thought all the failing was over you went and even failed again, and again. There, there it'll be ok come now, even through all the failure. I forgive you…lift your head, for you are loved.

I forgive you for all the times you told lies, and you hide from the truth, and choose to keep the truth from the women that loved you dearly. I forgive you for being sexual active with other women that were not your wife, I forgive you I forgive you, I forgive you. I forgive you for taking a vow in front of many people and to God that I would love and cherish Kayla until death do us part, however failed to live up to that vow.

I forgive you for the times you tired to solve your pain with drinking and hoping that the pain would go away. I forgive for the times you tried to ran to fleeting pleasures instead of running to your creator in heaven. I forgive you for the times your were mean to kayla, and belittled her making her feel small and unloved.

I forgive you for when you knew what the right path was… yet you still choose to do wrong... to do evil, to bring a emotional death to such a sweetheart in Kayla. You walked away from truth into darkness. It’s ok Andrew. I forgive you. Wipe your tears, you will get through this.

I am proud of the man you are becoming, you had your mess ups, and your major issues, but they didn’t destroy you… No you seem to be allowing them to grow you and strengthen you. You are forgiven, and I know you know that.. But it is time you start walking in that.

Your own personal forgiven Letter

I would love to hear from you! Feel free to share you letter, as there is power when we publicly declare we have forgiven ourselfs!


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