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Faith Was Born Anew

New at writing and passionate about it. Would love feedback.


She looked out the window of the car, it was raining heavily. The city was left behind, the city that gave her nothing but bad memories. "We'll be there in a few hours." said the driver. She just let out a deep sigh and closed her eyes trying to escape her thoughts.

Awakened with a shudder, she was confused as to where she was. "Did we reach?", "Did we stop?", she thought to herself. It was dark, the sound of water tricking was the only thing that could be heard. "Someone here?" she said loudly, wanting to be heard, but no one replied. It was only her and the darkness.

Scared, she started walking towards the sound and could not see anything. Only the sound of trickling water was her guide. Realizing that it was a stony path, she could feel it piercing through her bare feet. She hoped it was only a nightmare as there was no way to find the way in this darkness.

After walking for a while, the chances of finding light seemed dim. Scared and tired she fell on the ground and could no longer walk. Thinking to herself she thought that she is going to be stuck here forever.

She closed her eyes, hoping the nightmare would end. But nothing changed.

Opening her eyes, she gathered herself and started following the sound again. The ground beneath her was getting moist. The further she walked further it felt like she was walking into a lake or river. She tried to bend and touch the ground, to find her path again. But it seemed there was water all around.

The darkness was getting thicker and suddenly she felt that something was pulling her leg. Letting out a cry, "Help!" she screamed, "but there is no one here to help me" she thought to herself. Knowing that she was the only one who had to help herself. With all her strength, she tried to get herself free, but the force was too much.

It felt like she was sinking, the water became deeper than it had felt before. What felt only a few inches, seemed like a never-ending ocean she was sinking into. For a minute she had given up, she was barely trying to get to the surface.
Suddenly, there was a bright light above her. After wandering in the dark for so long, this was the first time she saw the light. But the will to fight has faded and wanted to give into the darkness.

Somehow gathering the courage again, she started swimming towards it, hoping it was the right thing. She got to the surface of the water and could not open her eyes. It was too bright, her eyes needed time to adjust to the brightness.
Slowly she opened her eyes. Suddenly there was ground beneath her feet and the water became shallow. Nothing made sense. She walked towards the light and the water beneath her feet vanished. It was a smooth surface now. She could feel the light letting out a vibration which was warming her heart.

It was calming to see light again, it wasn't blinding her eyes now. She could see nothing but there was something in that light that made her feel secure. She suddenly felt all her pain rushing to her eyes, the betrayal, the loss, the pain. It all came bursting out in the form of tears. She cried so loud that she could hear her cries echoing through the place.

The more she cried the lighter she felt. She could feel the light going through her and it was like the light was pumping out the pain in the form of tears. She felt dizzy after a while and must have fainted. When she got up she found herself on the shore of a river, it wasn't dark anymore.

A feeling of calmness ran through her, it felt unnatural to her. She gazed around and found that on the other shore was a dark forest. Whereas, on her side was a field which had green grass and flowers. Feeling lighter, she got up and walked towards the flowers. It was a relieving feeling to be out of the dark. She didn't feel any pinching pain in her heart.

She understood it all. The path she was on was dark and without faith she could have never found her way. If she had given up and not followed the light, she would have never found her way out. It would have let her sink into the darkness, forever.
That ray of light spoke to her, in a way she could not understand. It gave her wisdom, to let out the storm she had inside of her. She felt alive again with faith-filled in her. The light had found a place inside of her.

She was now laying on the ground, face towards the shining sunlight. Closing her eyes, she took in the freedom she felt. Darkness was gone forever, and faith was born anew.

It was the sound of the car horns that woke her up. She was trying to adjust to all that had happened to her. "You dozed off for a while, we are stuck in this traffic", said the driver. It was then she realized that it was all a dream. With a smile on her face, she rolled down the glass of the window taking in the cool breeze of freedom.


© 2018 Vishakha

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