Entering the Gates of Heaven

Updated on August 5, 2013

Bible Reference

Rev 21:19 The foundations of the City walls were garnished with all manner of precious stones. The first foundation was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third a chalcedony; the fourth, an emerald

Rev 21:20 The fifth, sardonyx; the sixth, sardius; the seventh, chrysolite; the eighth, beryl; the ninth, a topaz; the tenth, a chrysoprasus; the eleventh, a jacinth; and the twelfth, an amethyst.

Published by Bible Gateway: New King James Version

When a soul enters Heaven, he/she is sent to Saint Peter. Saint Peter will look through the Book of Life and make sure that you are allowed. If your name is in the Book of Life, you may proceed. The angel that guards the Gates of Heaven allows you to enter. You immediately see streets of gold. You can feel the Presence of God as you move closer to Him. You see the Twelve Foundations of Heaven. They are made of precious stones. The first is Jasper. The second is sapphire. The third is chalcedony. The fourth is emerald. The fifth is sardonyx. The sixth is sardius. The seventh is chrysolite. The eighth is beryl. The ninth is topaz. The tenth is chrysoprasus. The eleventh is jacinth, and the twelfth is amethyst.

Once you are given permission to enter by Saint Peter, you may proceed into the Gates of Heaven. You will meet Jesus Christ. You will be shown truth. You will understand who you really are. You will know the face of God. You will see your loved ones that have gone on before you. You will be given a celebration for your life. You will be given a new birthday. Once you have reunited with your loved ones and you are ready to move on, Jesus Christ will ask you to come with Him. He has so much to show you.


Even though you are so far away from the Earth, you still remember everything. You are not as caught up in the painful emotions of Earth. You still love the people you were with on the Earth, but you understand how important it is to let them learn. You have to trust that Jesus is taking care of them for you. You have to respect their purpose and allow them to continue working for God. You may be allowed to send them messages when the timing is right. But for now, you have a lot to learn. You must go through a “transition period”. We are human. We all have emotions. That is just who we are. We are not expected to be completely comfortable in a new, younger looking body. We have to adjust. Our hearts must be respected at all times. If you are not ready to move forward on a soul level, you are not allowed to move on. Yes, even though you are allowed to enter the Gates of Heaven, you may want to stay back. You simply need more information before you feel comfortable. God says That’s okay. It is normal. I understand. However, if you have spent your whole life working with God one-on-one, you may be able to ascend sooner than most. It really depends on what the individual understands about life throughout their Earthly experience. Of course, you are rewarded when you reach the higher levels of learning. As with everything else, it all takes time. You can’t just say, Oh, I understand everything now. I am ready to move on. You physically, emotionally, and spiritually are not prepared. Your heart cannot take it. The energy levels get more complicated. For example, if you do not have enough patience to make it two days instead of one day, you may give up. When you reach certain levels of Heaven, you are not allowed to turn back. God knows everything. He knows when you are ready to ascend. He will not put you in any danger. He is always good to you. He is not a man. He is God.


When you ascend into Heaven, you remember everything about your Earthly life. You remember where you worked, where you lived, and you remember whom you were married to. You remember your children, you remember your neighbors, and you remember what church you went to. You belong to some sort of group. Your church holds a very special place in His heart. He wants you to continue doing good things for the community. While there may not be anyone starving or a drug addiction, there is always someone who needs help. Whether it is to learn how to read or write, or it is to learn how to budget their spending habits, there is always work to be done. Many people are not happy they have ascended before their loved ones. They continue to stay close to the Earth. They do everything in their power to prevent their loved ones from being sad. They know more about the situation personally, because they may have been their mother or father. Just because God says He needs our loved ones in Heaven, doesn’t mean they are not related to us. They will always love us. In fact, they were the ones God sent to you when you left the Earth to make you feel more comfortable during your transition. They understand that Jesus has some very important things to talk to you about. They tell you it will be okay and they will see you again...


Jesus will then take you into a room with a movie projector-like system. He will ask you to sit down and watch what He has to show you. You may show you when your mother first learned that she was pregnant with you. He will show you when you were being born. He will show you when you first learned how to walk. He will show you when you first learned how to ride a bike. He will show you your first day in school. He may show you your first girlfriend/boyfriend. He will show you how happy you were. Jesus will say I remember who you are. I did not forget. I gave you all of these things. I wanted you to be happy. He will continue...He will show you when you got your first car. He will show you your first marriage. He will show you when your children were being born. He will remind you of how happy you were. He will tell you that He sent you a wife/husband that loves you. He will tell you that He gave you children that would grow up and eventually become someone. He tells you that He is proud of you. He will show you all the good times you had while working and following your dreams. He will say Your good deeds did not go without notice. He may show you all of the things that were important to you. He will remind you of how proud you were when your children succeeded. He will tell you that you have loved your children as He has loved you. He will tell you who He is.

He tells you Be patient and keep watching. Not all of it is good, but you had to go through it. He tells you Respect your heart. He prays for your comfort. He then shows you how painful it was for your mother to give birth to you. He may show you that you almost died from a medical condition you had when you were born. He will tell you that He saved you. He will tell you that you almost didn't survive the transition from Heaven to Earth, but you made it. He may show you when you busted your lip for the first time. He may show you a close call car accident your mother had with you when you were a child. He will show you when you broke your arm. He will show you when you were all alone. He will show you crying. He will remind you Its okay to cry, you are healing. He comforts you and sends you an angel. He tells you Its okay because when you were sad, you asked for His help. He shows you the angels that surrounded you when you were in your darkest hour. He tells you Have faith because it will get better. He reaches down and puts His arms around you. He begins to pray. You see the darkness leave your heart. You see your energy get brighter. You know who He is and you know exactly what He has done for you.


Not only will you see all of the good and bad times of your life, you will also see how much of an impact you have had on others. You will be shown all the times your mother was sad and you comforted her. You will see when you told someone that you believed in God. You will see the first time you got saved, and what you said to Him. You will be shown the difference in believing in God and not believing in God. You will be shown how dark your energy was before you discovered how to be a Christian. He will show you all the times you worshiped Him in church, how many people you prayed for, and how many souls you helped save. He will show you that because you chose to be a nurse, you have truly saved lives. There were many times someone needed your expertise to make them more comfortable, or not as confused. There were many times you had the opportunity to help someone, and you did. He is proud of you. He also reminds you of all the times you gave your spare change to a homeless person, or even bought them a meal. He tells you Because you gave someone hope, they decided to change their life. I am thankful that you figured out what I expect and you followed through. He says I need you in Heaven. Yes, now you may finally enter the Gates of Heaven…


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    • profile image


      22 months ago

      Is very interesting to learn Christianity about life

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I have just lost a dear cousin whom i hold next to my heart :( this has sent me into a very deeper spiritual searching and i feel lost !


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