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Easter Prayers Before Meals


An Easter Breakfast To Recall

Our Father Who art in Heaven,

Most gracious Father,

we truly appreciate and thank You

for another Easter Sunday morning.

We ask You to bless

this Easter breakfast feast

we are about to partake,

filled with biblical nourishing delights.

We ask You to purify, sanctify

each and every bite,

as we break our fasts from last night.

Touch each heart to feed the hungry

with food and or word.

Touch each soul to lift another

with your messages we have heard.

Touch each and everyone

who has showered us with their

labours of love

to make this grand meal

a tasteful melodious delight,

soothing to our spirits

with another great remembrance

for us to recall,

for many a day and night.


Debbie T. Alsup

Another Easter

Dear God,

We thank Thee

for another Easter.

As we stand behind our chairs,

before we sit to eat,

we just want to stop and tell You

how grateful we are,

for everything.

We thank You

to be able to enjoy

this full course meal,

from appetizers to desserts.

We thank You

for the loving hands

who prepared this cuisine

always making us want

second portions.

Smells abound,

sight unseen.

We thank You

for all the love

from friends

and family in between.


Debbie T. Alsup

Bless All

Our Father,

Great Jehovah,

El Shaddai,

This Easter Lord,

As always from the bottom of our hearts

We sincerely

Thank You for this well prepared array of dishes.

We ask You to:

Bless all who are here

and those who could not make it.

Bless all the cooking crew,

the old staff and the new,

the wait staff

and the cleanup crew.


Debbie T. Alsup

He Is Risen

Our Father who art in heaven

He are risen,

Thank You for your Son Jesus

Bless your Holy name.

Bless this Easter meal

prepared with Him in mind.

Bless those who have gathered

here to fellowship.

Let the joy that fills this room

carry over for many days ahead.

Let us not overfill our plates

but be mindful of our waistlines

and any health concerns.

Bless all who pitched in,

in any and every way.

Bless us to truly enjoy

this another

Beautiful Memorable

Happy Easter Day!


Debbie T. Alsup

Lord of Lords

Our Father Who art in Heaven,

Lord of Lords and King of Kings,

We thank You for this Easter meal

we are about to receive.

Bless this food immensely,

Bless the hands that prepared this meal

and Bless those who assisted in any way

with uncommon favor.

We thank You for those who have

and for those who have not.

We are asking You

to remind us all

as we enjoy this well prepared feast,

to remember to share our overflow of blessings,

prayers and encouragement along the way,

with those who are in need.

Enable them to grow strong

and prosper in your name Lord

so they can bless others as well.


Debbie T. Alsup

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