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Dream Deeper

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Have you ever wondered why your dreams vary at the different spots in life?

Our dream are what we suffer from and what we desire.

Dreams are a part of human life at some point. "Once" we fulfill one dream we have the next one ready. Yes, we can say that humans never stop desiring and there is nothing wrong with that. There are many ambitions in life, such as a career, visiting a certain place, and future goals.


If you want to accomplish your dreams, you must always put your 100% into them, sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not. Failure is common in life, but how you react to it depends on you. Either you are hurt by it or you do not care. Even the same person can react differently to their dreams. It's not about priorities, it's about when the dreams are built and when they are destroyed.

Let's dig deeper.

It's about you or people close to you. Sometimes dreams take a long time to become a reality and once they are, you won't need them anymore. The reason your decision was wrong was not that you made a wrong choice, it was just that the situation when you dreamed about it was different from the current situation.

People entering into your life affect the dreams and goals of your life. They get attached and become a priority and be a part of your dream. Sometimes they stay and sometimes they leave. All you dream of someone doesn't make you happy in your life. A dream is a big world where you have to plan, we are not God to plan a perfect dream and fulfill it all the time.

I just want to say that you should dream it, make it, but never let it hurt you if you fail to achieve. Never make your dreams dependent on others.


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