Don't Dare Give Up!

Updated on February 14, 2018
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My goal is to empower Millennials and the youth and instill the belief that whatever YOU set your mind to, YOU can accomplish.

Never, ever give up on your goals or dreams. Things won't always play out as you had imagined or wished, but don't succumb to feelings of hopelessnes and failure. Everything that has happened to you is always for the better, never for the worse because they are lessons to be learnt.

Not all days are sunny and bright. Stormy, rainy and windy days come and pass. Each with its effects to strengthen and empower you.It is at such times that the character and resilience in you is tested.

To attain what is good and right, you need to struggle with all your might. When situations become ' unbearable' and rough, that's the moment you turn tough. Don't quit or ever give up when you get hit, hardship and pain you have to endure because there's no success without failure.

Achieving your goals and dreams is never an easy journey. It entails a roller-coaster of feelings and emotions that are human. No one is perfect. No one is 100% happy throughout the entire year. As humans we encounter feelings of resentment and jealousy towards others while we ourselves are subject to hate, negativity and mockery. That's just how infected our world is.

Nobody ever wakes up in the morning 100% fit, healthy and untroubled. It is in our nature as humans to have imperfections and flaws. So when you feel like you've failed yourself, I want you to know that no, you didn't fail, you failed because you were unwilling to try again. I want you know that when you get knocked down and you can look up, then you can definitely get up!

Chasing after your dreams and goals is about learning and building the character that is required to get you to your destination. Through the struggles and obstacles, life throws you gems that are relevant to the acquiring of your dreams.

Most millionaires and billionaires of our time did not just wake up one day with all that wealth at their disposal. They had to go through stings and pains for all those gains. They are human just like you and most were on the verge of throwing the towel in. But you know what?

They had belief in themselves. They believed and were determined that no matter how many lemons life throws their way, they would make as many lemonade as required. Once you instill that mindset within your core values, believe me nothing will deter you.

Many people give up due to unwillingness to suffer. They use excuses such as " I don't have time anymore", " I don't have the resources to do it," etc.. convince themselves and others that failure was not their fault. Such justifications imply that you did not fully commit. And because it is YOUR dreams and goals, nobody can achieve them for you. Hence why YOU are the sole reason why you are not where you wanted to be.

If you have a dream, I encourage you to pursue it. I encourage you to understand that to get where you want to go, you will HAVE to get knocked down, suffer bruising, heartbrake and all other sorts of ordeals you can imagine because without those obstacles, you will not grow and as humans, it is within our genes to adapt, grow and flourish.

Thank you for your reading and God bless.


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