Curiosity Makes the Cat Stronger

Updated on February 20, 2018
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Student at United States International University - Africa. Studying Applied Computer Technology. Passionate and determined.


Curiosity for success

One of the proverbs that I think is misleading and is incorrect is the one and only, ‘curiosity killed the cat’. Well, it doesn’t totally apply to us as humans, but it is true when you are talking about cats. It is true that curiosity can kill a cat, I witnessed it when my neighbor’s cat died two years ago trying to find out what was inside a boiling pot. And am pretty sure some of you have witnessed something like that before.

What we need to understand is curiosity doesn’t kills us, it only makes us stronger and wiser and more knowledgeable than we were. Every minute we spend being curious, we learn something new whether good or bad. The best part of curiosity is that we learn from whatever we are curious about, we learn something new. And when you learn something new, you open up doors for more opportunities in your life and as a result you gain you have a high chance of success.

Curiosity can change the life of a person completely, make him or her untouchable and eliminate all kinds of competition and there is nothing that can stop you from achieving what you want cause you have more than what you need to succeed. A good real life example is my elder brother, Raj, he works in more than five companies as a full stack software developer. He get interviews from companies every single month and he completely amazes the recruiting staff when he is asked to solve a specific problem at the interview. He has an answer for everything they ask. He keeps telling me that the reason why he passes in 98% of his interviews is a simple one. Reading. He is always reading, always wanting to know more about software development and this kind of curious mentality has made him completely untouchable and he eliminates any competition in his interviews.

One thing we must remember is that curiosity doesn’t work alone. Curious people in this galaxy need to have a growth mindset and proper character type to drive curiosity to success. Try picture this, you have a car, curiosity is your car, you are the driver and the gas the car uses is a representation of your mindset and your character and you are on your way to success or failure. Remember curiosity is more than a character. You need to refill the same kind of fuel from time to time so that the car can keep moving. Similarly, you need to have consistent character and the right kind of mindset to push curiosity which will lead you to success or failure. It all depends with your mindset and character.

A growth mindset is a curious mindset, a mindset that is willing to learn something new, a mindset that will take a risk doing a hard task in order to achieve success. And a growth mindset with the right character always succeeds. The right character or personality is the main ingredient to make the right mindset. And once you have all this, you are untouchable. You are already a success. You are able to eliminate any obstacle on your way to success. Similarly, businesses that are curious have a high chance of experiencing success than those that are not curious.

Curiosity makes the cat stronger. That’s how the proverb should be. Always remember, a curious mind is unbreakable. A curious mind is a successful mind.


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