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Build Your Own Garden (Not the Stuff of Gardening Though)

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You have been looking over your neighbor's garden, but you never really took the time to examine yours.

You have been looking over your neighbor's garden, but you never really took the time to examine yours.

You have often heard the adage, "The grass is greener on the other side."

Many times, we envy those people who we think have it better than us. You have a same-age friend who is already building her side business on top of being a full-time worker, while you are stuck to just being contented with living from paycheck to paycheck. Or, you have scrolled through those photos of influencers on Instagram. Or, you have a cousin who got his doctorate degree last year, and is already being sought for by companies to work for them.

Lucky life, you think.

And you feel bitter.

It seems we have been groomed to compete with each other and compare our accomplishments with them.

Come to think of it, is it worth it? How about your accomplishments? Do your own efforts mean a thing?

Isn't it time to look at the fruits of your own efforts? Most of the things you have right now are simply the consequences of what you have been through. I say most, since there are things that had happened to you, and you had no control over them.

If you are trying a low-carb diet but you are not seeing results yet, but then you feel healthier, congratulate yourself. You are doing great yourself. You are bored and trying a new hobby? You're amazing. Keep it up, and keep going.

Stop looking at the garden of your own neighbor, and start building your own garden. Make your roses bloom. Live your life as happily as you can, and live your life according to your own terms.

You may not realize it, but someone might have been envious of the path you had walked or are currently walking.

So stop feeling sorry for yourself. You are meant to make your own garden, not make your garden a carbon copy of another person's garden.

You can admire another person's endeavor, but it doesn't mean that you should indulge in self-pity just because your own life is stagnant and boring. Let the person you admire just be a role model to you. Let it not stop you from living your own life and making your own adventures.

Celebrate your own life, and stop comparing yours with others.

Celebrate your own life, and stop comparing yours with others.

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gretani on February 15, 2019:

Great essay. It is very straight to the point.

And yes, just like the 3rd law of physics (for every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction), how the ends look like equate to the means. Sadly, in this dog-eat-dog world, that's not always the case. The poor struggle so hard to grow their own garden, but gain too little. The rich, especially those whose inheritance had been handed down to them, get more for the less work they do. Quite unfair, but this is a cruel world.

I do not believe in fate. How I succeed, though, is the result of my tribulations. Life is trial and error. Look ug BigHit entertainment. Before BTS, the company is in a slump. Even BTS themselves weren't better off in the beginning. But because of hardwork, strategy, clever marketing, and the right mix of people, the group has become what they are now. They might have thought to jump off the ship early on, or even last year, but they have grit.

It is a matter, too, of making one's life story a source of inspiration. As they said, the road less traveled is the long road to success.

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