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Beautiful Stories


I want to tell you something. I want to share my stories with you, and I also want to listen to yours. I want to hear about the series of events and circumstances that created the beautiful and unique individual that is reading this right now. Tell me about how you got here as well as what keeps you here. Share with me what it is that makes the Sun shine on you even when you are surrounded by darkness. I’ll tell you something about myself that I recently came to the realization of. I am strong. I have faced many adversities and I have also come face to face with my own demons. I know what I must stay close to as well as what I must stay away from in order to maintain my happiness and my sanity. The devil’s water is not sweet, so I no longer drink it. In many ways I am like a flower. If you keep me in the light, I will thrive and I will show you my beautiful colors. However if you put me in the dark, slowly but surely I will wither away and loose all the things that give nourishment to my heart and soul. Do you identify with any of these things that I have shared with you? I bet that you do. I say this because people like me and you were not born this way. We had to be hurt in order to heal. We had to set in order to rise. Our lives have shaped us into the masterpieces that we are today. Our scars only enhance our beauty, therefore we wear them proudly.

© 2021 Nicholas Mercogliano

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