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Here and Now

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It is what it is. As long as you live for today then yesterday and tomorrow do not matter.

Why live for tomorrow when you can live for right now?

I was once told that I was the type of person that flew by the seat of my pants and I was not thinking about my future. At the time I thought it was a bad thing so I forced myself to start focusing on what has yet to come. That only lasted a few months until I spiraled into a major depression. My mind was foggy and I felt like I was inadequate in almost every way. I set impossible goals and stressed myself out, so much that I never found time for myself. It is important to set goals but it is also important to take necessary breaks to release stress. In this article I will be talking about being in the moment, instead of living in the future. We will get to the other stuff later, for now let us focus on this moment. I learned several ways (mindfulness and other things I have already wrote about) and I want to teach you what works.

Imagine that you are in a waiting room and as you look around you see everyone staring down at their phones. You are not looking at your phone, but you glance out the window and see a beautiful bird, among a clear blue sky. You notice how the wind makes the limbs move on the trees, or you happen to notice people talking across the room. This is a perfect example of not only being mindful but also being aware of the moment. It is very important that we focus on what is happening right now or the moment will soon slip away, never to return. I spent many years of my life living in the past. That is also a horrible place to be because shame and guilt are very low levels of consciousness. At those levels we are blind to what is around, we only see what we want and half of the time it is very foggy. We see the bad in everything if we settle in the levels of grief and apathy. But not all is lost! There is always a way out. Many people experience these negative emotions, but not everyone knows how to get out of them. Those of us that have gained the coping skills are able to never settle in them for long. Those that have yet to learn them will feel like they are forever stuck. I know this, I have been there. So what is the way out you ask? It is very simple once learned. It is almost like riding a bike, once learned how it's done, the act of performing it becomes rather simple.

If we suddenly find ourselves wrapped up in the tangling emotion of grief, anger or shame, one of the very first steps is to recognize it. That is right, sound familiar? It is always the most important and first step to ridding the soul of those painful feelings. But to embark even deeper, learning how to accept what is happening is a different play altogether. That is what I am talking about. At first the pain will not instantly subside. It will take work, nothing in life worth having comes easy. Accept that the moment is happening and just roll with it.

Once we have recognized we are feeling a certain type of way, the only thing we can do is accept. If we try and change the fact that a feeling is happening then it becomes harder to even recognize it. Emotions come without warning, most people cannot control them and they are unpredictable. Do not be discouraged, what is the one thing that we have complete control over? Actions! That is what inevitability changes the inner feelings. With patience and persistence, we begin to see the light shine and life begins to look a little better.

It is such a beautiful thing to be in the moment. I would not live any other way now that my eyes have been opened to this amazing phenomenon. I have gotten so much done, because it feels like time has slowed down. When all I have done is utilize every minute, I have gained so much clarity and understanding because instead of dissociating I focus on what is around me. Instead of wasting time in daydream, or playing on my phone constantly, I look around and notice objects, shapes, textures and behaviors in other people. Once I understood that the only moment that exists is this moment right now, I have become so much more at peace. I have no control over the future and the past is gone. Whatever I do IN THIS MOMENT is what is important, nothing else. Think about it, everything plays off of what is done in the present. A wonderful example I like to use is the move "Back To The Future," it explains it so perfectly. It is like this, if one simple action is changed no matter how small can make the biggest impact. Like in the movie, Marty jumps in front of George Mcfly saving him from getting hit by the car. In turn he never met his future wife, having kids never happened and well you get the picture. It completely changed the course of history. That one simple act, done in the very few seconds that it took to perform them. I am sure Marty was not thinking that saving him would change history, as I presume how half the human population thinks.

My point is not to stress you out, but to make you think. This moment is essentially the most important because nothing else matters, and nothing else would exist without it.

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