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How To Be at Peace

Old soul and young heart. It's like a 60 year old granny living inside the body of a 17 year old.

What is being at peace?

In this generation where almost everyone is suffering from depression, anxiety, overflowing challenges, toxic or unhealthy relationships, we all need one thing which is 'Peace'.

Being at peace is not when you have zero thoughts on your mind, there's no stress, everything is going right. That's called being numb.

And if you want that kind of peace then all you need to do is consume alcohol.

But that's not what we are here for, are we?

Being at peace means coming to an accord with your own self.

When you know you have problems, your head is filled with thoughts, not everything is going right but still when you place your hand on your heart, you feel at peace. You don't feel like it's end of the world and you don't hate yourself for everything that's happening around.

And how do we do it?

You just need to continue reading for that.

This is how it works. Don't try too hard.

This is how it works. Don't try too hard.

Ego says, "When everything will fall into place, you'll be at peace"

Spirit says, "When you'll be at peace with yourself, everything will fall into place"

- Anonymous

Well that makes a lot of sense right?

We always think that if all of our problems will sort out, and everything will go in right direction only then we'll feel that 'peace'. Though it's completely opposite.

So here comes the best part.

How you're gonna do it?

Here are some points that I think may help you to be at peace with yourself. So let's gets started:

Time is the key : It may seem like something you've heard for millions of times and now it's possible you're tired of hearing or reading this. I get it. But the thing here is, you are tired of reading this topic so much that you never really paid attention to it's real value. It is the most important part and this is where all 'being at peace' and 'healing' processes start. And just so you know, it's coming from a person who have experienced it.

Just give everything as much time as it takes, no matter what is causing you to stress. Don't reach to outcomes or conclusions right away, take some time and if right now it feels like nothing is right then it's a sign that everything is going to be alright very soon.

You know what is the most interesting feature of time?

It is that "Time never stays same, it changes".

And so will yours.

Give yourself, your situation, people with whom you're dealing, some time. And magic.

Don't fight with thoughts: Let's agree on this, we all do it or have done it. We fight our thoughts and our emotions and this is what makes them even stronger.

For example, You love someone but you don't want to so you keep fighting your own feelings that 'No! I don't love him/her'. You keep convincing yourself otherwise but have you ever tried doing the opposite?

Say, "Yes! I love him, and that's okay. It's what I feel and I'm not going to fight it and neither will I let it control me".

It was just an example.

I promise just try it for once and notice who light and burden free you feel.

Set priorities: That's also something we all forget when we are drowning. We forget, if the reason because of which we're here at this phase of life is actually worth it?

So set your priorities, see what's more important. And never feel hesitant in letting things and people go, that ain't serving you anymore. Don't prioritize people who treats you like an option, life is too short be treated like that when out there, a lot of people will treat you as a king/queen.

Let go of what's toxic, and let in of what's helping you grow.

You > Everyone: When we're stressed or in deep problems where all we see is darkness and all we feel is hopelessness, we forget ourselves.

You need to treat yourself the way you deserve, and you may think you deserve nothing when you're in a certain situation but that's not what reality is. That's not your conscious mind, it's the demons inside you saying you deserve nothing but don't trust them.

See yourself with eyes of those who love you and that's when you'll realize the gem you are.

So always remember this, you come before everyone else.

When there's no enemy within, the enemies outside can't hurt you.

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You might find those points not enough to be at peace but the main thing here is.

It's within you.

It starts with you, it ends with you.

And if you give up then what this article can do?

Things happen when you are willing to get it.



I hope it helped you in any way possible.

And not being very professional I know, I want to just mention that this is my first article.

Please consider commenting below if you liked it.

© 2018 Diksha Shakya

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