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An Open Letter to the One Who's Struggling From Depression

Edlyn is a writer who wants to influence her readers through her soulful writings


I know how hard it is for you,
Facing it all alone with no one to help you and to save you from drowning.
Most of the time, you don't know what's the reason why.
You just couldn't understand why in front of others everything was bright, yeah you could smile, you could laugh.
But when you're alone everything seems to be in chaos, tears are fallin' down, well you hate the feeling, but there's nothing you can do.
I know how hard you are trying to keep yourself calm, but the scanty demons in your head tells you to stop trying coz' you won't be able to do that.

The turmoil in your head, the thumping in your chest, what are they? when they will let go of you? how can you escape away from them? Where else you could run?
I know how much you wanted it to bleed, to stop the pain, right through your wrist, the left one.
You want to be numb forevermore, and wishing you can close your eyes forever.
I know how much you really wanted that.

Myriad of flowing tiny crystals covering your whole face and burning your cheeks over and over again.
I know how exhausted and drained you are yet you're still trying.
I know how hopeless you are, how worthless you feel, how much pain you've been keeping inside your heart right now yet you're still fighting.
I know much you missed to do the things that once makes you happy but you cannot do because you loss the interest to do it so.
I know how much you've missed your old self.

But dear, does anybody told you how strong you are? If no one. Now, I want you to know that you are the strongest person I know. Wanna know why? Because you've been through a lot of challenges, disappointments, and heartaches.
Didn't you stumbled and fall? Didn't you had lost your spark and had been broken?
The world may have rejected you so many times,
The world may have judged you so many times,
The world may have hurt you so many times,
yet you've managed to take all the pain.
Now I'm asking you, Aren't you strong?
You are strong, my dear!

Another thing I want to tell you.
Your existence in this world is necessary.
Whenever you feel unloved and unimportant, why don't you look up to the sky? There is someone who surely love you and you are important to him, not just important. You are precious in his eyes because you are his child. He loves you so much! God loves you so much!

So never ever let your depression take over you, instead overcome your depression. Reach out to people who can truly understand you, and willing to help you. You have an important role in this world, don't you ever give up darling!
There are so much to be enjoyed in this life, just help yourself to always look on the positive side of it.

PS. I wrote this to remind all of those whose suffering from depression, that you can do it.
You've gone so far, so don't give up.
Also to those people who knows someone who's struggling through this, reach them out, make them feel loved, cared and important.
It's never too late, you can still save them.