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50 Best, Inspirational, Motivational and Uplifting Quotes

Self improvement is an ongoing process throughout the journey of life. Chitrangada likes to share her beliefs and experiences to help others

Nature provides Inspiration, even without words!

Nature provides Inspiration, even without words!

Inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes

One Positive and Inspiring Quote in The Morning, Can Set Your Entire Day.

  • Quite often, I come across Inspirational quotes, shared by people, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, What’s app and other social media websites.
  • I find these quotes, truly inspirational and motivating. Sometimes, they appear just at the right moment, when you are really in need of that positive and friendly boost, from someone.
  • There are times, when we are in a stressful mood. There are several moments of despair, unhappiness and irritation, in our lives.
  • Life is like that --While there are some favourable times, there may not be so favourable times always.
  • One needs someone, to provide emotional support to you. Few words of Inspiration, to boost you up, to make you cheerful, and face the facts of life, with renewed hope and belief.
  • Life is not a bed of Roses. Most of the times, things do not turn out, as you may have planned them. In such a situation, these encouraging words, work as a catalyst, and you are again ready, to face the sweet-sour situations of life.
Living without faith is like driving in the fog!

Living without faith is like driving in the fog!

Words That Inspire: Inspirational Quotes

Here is a collection of some of the quotes, which I found truly inspiring.

  1. An optimist counts his blessings---A pessimist discounts his.
  2. Look at the postage stamp. Its usefulness consists in sticking to one thing, till it reaches there.
  3. The winds and waves are always on the side of the navigators.
  4. Few people have the strength to honor other' s success without envy.
  5. Be a 'Creator'---not a creature, of your circumstances.
  6. Courage is something, you should never lose. Because courage is something, you can always choose.
  7. If you think you can win, you can win. Faith is necessary for victory.
  8. Be pleasant, until ten o'clock in the morning. The rest of the day will take care of itself.
  9. The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire.
  10. Pray for courage, when in distress.
  11. We learn more from errors, than from virtues.
  12. Physical bravery is an animal instinct. Moral bravery is the higher and truer courage.
  13. Fear is always a feeling to be rejected. Because what you fear is just the thing that is likely to come.
  14. The man who holds the ladder at the bottom, is of more service than the man at the top.
  15. There is no defeat except from within---.
  16. Accept things with which, fate binds you. Love the people with whom fate brings you together. But do so, with all your heart.
  17. Most important thing is not winning in Games, but taking part.
  18. Life is not only conquering, but fighting well and spirited.
  19. Peace of mind is that condition, in which you have learnt to accept, even the worst.
  20. Progress is, to live one's life with the window of the soul, open to new thoughts, new ideas, and new aspirations.
Hope is like clouds; some pass by, others bring rain!

Hope is like clouds; some pass by, others bring rain!

A truly great person always has the simplicity of a child

21. Hope is the pillar that holds up the world.

22. Destiny leads the willing, but drags the unwilling.

23.Think Win,--Win,--and you may Win.

24.Worry is today's mouse, eating tomorrow's cheese.

25. A wise person will create more opportunities than he finds.

26. By being always pleasant and smiling, takes you nearer to God, nearer than any prayer can.

27. Be bold, but honest, and mighty powers will come to your aid.

28. Nothing can stop a person, with the right mental attitude, from achieving the goal; nothing can help, a person with wrong mental attitude.

29. Patience and Perseverance, overcome mountains.

30. Despair doubles our strength.

31. Pray, as if everything depends on God; and work, as if everything depends upon you.

32. Prayer does not change God. It changes us.

33. The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.

34.First, learn to be a good servant, and then you will be a good master.

35. Be responsible, and concerned with actions only, and never with its results.

36. Good people are good, because they have come to wisdom, through facing failures in life.

37. When things get rough, remember, its the rubbing, that brings out the shine.

38. Without forgiveness, life is governed, by endless cycle of resentment and retaliation.

39. The gem cannot be polished without friction. Nor a person perfected without trials.

40. The feeble, tremble before opinion, the foolish, defy it, the wise, judge it, the skillful, direct it.

Only they can conquer, who believe they can!

Only they can conquer, who believe they can!

Prayer changes things by changing people

41. With common sense, you are in the pink; Its not so common, as you think.

42. When it is dark, do not curse the darkness; just light your candle.

43. You can not learn anything, by doing it right.

44. Substitute your worry with your work, and see the miracle happen.

45.Today' s mighty tree, is just yesterday's little nut, that held its ground.

46. Drop of rain makes a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling.

47. We can not direct the wind, but we can definitely adjust the sails.

48. Only one principle will give you courage, that no evil lasts forever, nor indeed very long.

49. Destiny is not a chance; it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to wait for; it is a thing to be achieved.

50. Patience is a virtue; Virtue is a grace. Both put together, make a pretty face.

Motivational quotes

Motivational quotes

To Conclude:

In fact, there are so many more Inspirational quotes, words of wisdom, which are truly inspiring, uplifting and encouraging. This is just a small collection of those quotes, which have been shared by my friends, and I find them very motivating.

Believe me they will inspire in the sad moments, as well as the glad moments.

‘There is nothing so precious, as firm determination.

Fate and opportunity, bows to those, who stand by it.’

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© 2014 Chitrangada Sharan

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