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Feeling Depressed? Do This Today!

Desmond has been a renown poet and inspirational man for almost 9 years now. He has taught many young kids aspiring to be poets in schools.



It is a new day in a new week, the past is gone. Do not let what is gone to pull you back. All that happened last week that you are not happy with, is gone and do not let it spoil what is to come. When things happen to us we need not to worry, you can only be worried of what happened inside you. Most of your past mistakes were because of immaturity and insufficient knowledge and so we can’t let those bug us. We are born to move on. Our past is never nomadic, you can’t take it everywhere you go. It is meant to stay and the right place for it is where you found it. Do not tell yourself that you are a fool just because you gave a foolish opinion last week. Do not tell yourself that you are childish just because you gave a childish opinion last week. You are never your opinion. Your point of view is one thing and you are the other. If people judged you last week because of what you did, said or thought, they may not do so this week because it’s a new one and you are bringing a new you along. Feel free to thank your creator for the past week because undeniably you learned something new and thank again for the new one because you will apply what you learned last week. Finish you day with a soothing sound of well played relaxing melody of jazz. Just don’t fuss, it’s a new week after all.


Be cheerful today, its Monday, it’s “Money-day”. Why not go out to do something financial? A day like this is not to be wasted. Go to print something, send an application somewhere, check the mail, go to check your child’s progress at school or go do some follow ups of last week’s applications. If you want to enjoy you Monday, do something financial. You mind is still fresh from yesterday’s jazz therapy and so it’s ready to think. Most people commit the mistake of letting Monday pass just like that but you, don’t. This is the day to wake up, get a cup of coffee, go early to work and don’t argue with anyone. I advise you to avoid lazing around because trust me, if you do, you will be like that the whole week. If you do business, get busy today as the name suggests…busy. During the day, do not be left behind, be eager to learn, show some interest and if possible, raise your hand and say what you think. Wise people ask wise questions on Monday. Go out today straight to that car dealer and ask for a test drive, pass through the mall and right into the furnish-er shop and test that bed because it’s Monday and no other day.


How is your health? This is the day you are going to be health cautious. Prepare yourself every Tuesday to be a health freak. Start with few exercises in the morning, walk to work today if possible and mind your sugar intake today. Drink more water and do not let yourself feel thirsty. For those not working today or those with accommodating shifts, make it a norm to check any health specialist every Tuesday or fortnightly. You may see your dentist this week and see your gynecologist the other week. Search the internet and get to know what food intake is best for your blood type. Go over your medical history and see the health challenges you had that you no longer have, that’s a little motivation for your health and it can do you wonders. Finish your day with a cup of water after a bubble bath.



This is the best day to be calm. Wednesdays are special. There are people who like making this day a bad one. Some even believe it’s a lousy day and I tend to disagree. Never expect this day to be loud, it is a gentle day. Change the kind of music you play and the kind of movies you watch if you want to get the best out of this day. Go to out for a walk in the park today, preferably with your dog. Read a motivational book, a Quran or Bible do a lot on this day. Check out a meditation outlet and get yourself revived. Here is a tip for Christians, go to church today, try it, it is amazing. Most people prefer Sunday church but Wednesday church does better. Avoid arguing with people, do not drink or smoke today. Watch the news, read a newspaper, just be more mature today. It’s in the middle of the week and you need strength to for the next half, Wednesday is the best recharging day.


Family! How can we forget about this aspect? The best day to spend with your family is Thursday. I always say that you can run away from those who love you but you can’t run from those you love. No matter how hectic your week may be, family plays a soothing role on us. This is the day to catch up with each other. Meet as a family over a meal, talk and have fun together. Play with your kids, give attention to your spouse. Take out a board game and talk over one or two games. Do not forget your pets, they are part of the family too. This is the time to address issues more especially ones that affect your marriage, kids or the family in general. Call the teens of the family and teach them about life. If possible, switch off the television today and play music dancing as a family. When did your kids last saw that you love their mother? Show them on Thursday and they will grow knowing how to be loving parents.


Friday is not necessarily a fun day. I prefer calling it a day of war! Yep! Wake up revolted already. Be tough today. Do not let people step on you more especially if they know you to be a calm person. Fold your sleeves and get serious. Be determined to knock off tired today. Many people think this day is the beginning of the week end but you take is like it’s the start of it. Go around and fix what needs to be fixed. If you tell someone to do something which is his responsibility to do, say it like you mean it. If they don’t do it to satisfaction, complain. Be serious today to balance things. Its then after the day is done you can go out and have a can of…um…black-eyed peas. Go home and rest, it has been a busy day after all.


This is the last day of the week, rest. Wake up late today and start cleaning. Start with the house then everything else. Try not to go out early today, you may, but in the afternoon. Do a spring cleaning, prepare lunch eat with the whole family. Help your kids with assignments and take a nap. Call a friend in the late afternoon or check him somewhere and catch up. Friends are family, never forget this. If you are married, take your wife out and catch up. Sunset is the best candle. The week is done. If it works for me, I believe it will for you too. You may not do exactly these but you can learn.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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