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60 Best Eye-Opening Quotes and Sayings about Being Used

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In life it is important to be your own master. Being in control of your life ensures people do not take advantage of you. However, not everybody lives life by their terms. Many individuals allow other people to take control of their lives and manipulate them. When you allow others to take control of you, you let them stamp authority over you. While the feeling of being used weighs down heavy on the mind, there’s not much you can do about if you succumb easily. It’s good natured and simple people that are taken advantage of by manipulative minds. Individuals that are selfless or helpful often find themselves being used by people. When manipulative people realize your weakness, they will exploit you to their fullest advantage.

The lines below showcase an epic collection of eye-opening quotes and sayings about being taken advantage of and being used. What are your thoughts on being used by people? Feel free with your views and opinions in the comments section.

Top 10 Best Eye-Opening Quotes and Sayings about Being Used

  1. You are still a good person when you say ‘No’
  2. You need to have a beautiful heart for people that love you and a beautiful mind for people that like you.
  3. Be a Good Samaritan and not a good doormat.
  4. Wise men and women do no favors for others.
  5. If you allow yourself to be used, you will be trampled.
  6. When you succumb to your heart people take advantage of you
  7. Listen to your heart and mind and not what others want you to be or do.
  8. When you allow somebody to control your life you will be bitter and unhappy.
  9. If you are tired of being hurt, being used and tormented it’s time you turn to God and say it out loud.
  10. When you do not realize your worth you become worthless.

Why Do People Use Me?

There are different scenarios in personal life and professional life where you may feel you have been used. Sometimes it is you that puts in all the hard work and the credit for the hard work goes to someone else. People that are calculative and manipulative get things done from others and take credit for achievement. People that allow self to be used often lurk in the shadow of someone else’s success. While it may not seem fair that someone else is earning praise, laurels and a promotion for something that you have done or worked for, the dog-eat-dog world we live in is unapologetic and unsympathetic. Manipulative people find ways to exploit good-natured people who succumb to control. Keep in mind if you say yes to everything, you will be used by people.


Best Eye-Opening Quotes and Sayings about Being Used #11—20

11. It’s better being the master of your own destiny rather than slave of someone else’s destiny.

12. When you are tired of being taken for granted it’s time you wake up.

13. When you use someone for personal gain it’s your biggest loss.

14. Choose a guy that takes you to his parents and not his bedroom.

15. You are always taken for granted because your give the permission to do so.

16. The girl that is still by your side when you are broke and down and out is the girl you should spend your life with.

17. Rich or Poor, you will be used.

18. The sad truth about life is you are forgotten and only remembered by people when they want something from you.

19. It’s better to be powerless than let power use you.

20. If your mind is blank people will write all over it.

Do People Take You for Granted?

Do not allow yourself to be taken for granted. The moment manipulative people realize you give in easily; they will use your good nature as a weakness to exploit you. Initially you will find yourself doing a favor, and before you realize it you will be constantly taken advantage of. Your mind often warns you about being assertive and firm, however, majority of good natured people succumb to feelings of the heart. Thoughts about inequality and injustice flood the mind of people who allow self to be used. Good natured people or simpletons often find themselves doing favors for others and although such people want to be assertive with their words and actions their good nature becomes a weakness that is exploited and manipulated.


Best Eye-Opening Quotes and Sayings about Being Used #21—40

21. People treat you nice when they are going to use you.

22. The only thing you shouldn’t be playing with is feelings.

23. When you reveal your true feelings you are likely to be used or get hurt.

24. When someone takes advantage of you, it’s for a reason, and the reason is you.

25. You realize you have to stop crossing oceans for someone when that someone wouldn’t step in a puddle for you.

26. If a relationship gets boring question yourself.

27. Playing with someone’s feelings shows how empty you are.

28. It’s better to be ignored and cast aside than being used.

29. To use someone to get over your breakup is a cowardly act.

30. When you say ‘Everything is Alright’ you are lying.

31. The only reason you are treated well by colleagues at the workplace is because you are dating the Manager.

32. You will be an option if you offer a choice.

33. Some people will love you until they can use you.

34. If people know how good you are, you will be exploited.

35. If you want to get over your ex why play with someone’s feelings to escape.

36. When you get cheated or used by a person you thought was a dear friend, you change as a person.

37. It’s better being alone than being with people that bring you down.

38. Some friends come into your life when you are in trouble while some friends leave when you when you are in trouble.

39. If you benefit someone in some way, you will be used and taken advantage of.

40. Do not get into someone’s personal life to gain in your professional life.

Ways to Stop Being Used and Taken Advantage of

If you have had it being trampled upon and feel like a worn out doormat you have no one else but yourself to blame. It’s time you implement change in your life. You need to identify your feelings and know when to say no. When you are assertive you do not compromise. When you bring on an assertive nature and attitude, people will not be able to take advantage of you. Do not be hesitant to say no. Good natured people find it difficult to say no to anyone.

When you say yes every time, you will be taken for granted and exploited. When you are assertive and muster courage to say ‘No’, manipulative people will not find means to take advantage of you. When you choose your words wisely nobody will try and take advantage of you. When you use your mind and analyze you will not allow yourself to be used, manipulated or taken advantage of.

The feeling of being used is not a pleasant feeling at all. You need to awaken your mind and realize how you need to react and respond when faced with different situations.


Best Eye-Opening Quotes and Sayings about Being Used #41—60

41. Life is never easy, that’s why people cheat.

42. If he only wants your breasts, legs and thighs, do him a favor, send him to KFC.

43. When you get sick of being used, get well soon.

44. You feel second best because you allow someone less able to walk over you.

45. Be part of a plan, don’t be the backup plan.

46. Good people are like good books; they get used and tossed around.

47. Most people come into your life for a reason, and trouble is they won’t tell you why.

48. The worst feeling is when you realize you have been used by a person you love and trust.

49. When you’ve learned your lesson save others.

50. You don’t have to prove someone wrong to be right.

51. It’s better being loved and needed than being used and wanted.

52. Some people love to be around you to be entertained, it’s sad you don’t realize it.

53. When you think you mean a lot to someone, that’s when you are proven wrong.

54. Loyalty ends when benefits stop.

55. People are nice when you are of use to them.

56. Everybody does not deserve what they get, but few deserve more than they get.

57. If you thought it meant something wake up.

58. Of all the games people play, why feelings.

59. The worst feeling is when you build up someone while that someone is knocking you down.

60. Some friends choose to hang out with you because you make them feel better about themselves.

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