3 Reasons Why I Write and Why You Should Too

Updated on April 11, 2018
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Marilyn is a coffee enthusiast who enjoys writing as a hobby, good food, and music.

Writing can help soothe your nerves and mind.
Writing can help soothe your nerves and mind.

3 Reasons Why I Write

I write to be heard.

1. There's nothing worse than sitting in a room full of family, friends, or co-workers, trying to say something, and being continually interrupted without fail. Maybe you've been trying to say something for the past 10 minutes. Maybe, even, the past hour and a half! Writing gives me the opportunity to say what I want, without interruption, and leaves me the choice of whether I want to share with others what I write. It helps me to be heard, and to get my opinion, and voice out.

I write for my health and sanity.

2. Writing helps me keep my sanity! Seriously, it can be extremely soothing, when I'm upset, angry, or frustrated. Some of my best work is written when I'm experiencing frustration, or some strong emotion. Writing gives me the ability to put what I'm feeling into words, and it helps release the negative emotions and turn it into something positive, or useful.

I write because I can, and because I'm independent.

3. There's nothing better than being able to email, or hand a story to someone else and say, "I wrote that." and the person to which you're talking to reads it and replies with, "Oh my goodness?! You wrote that?! It's amazing!" It's a fantastic feeling to hear that someone likes your work, and it gives you a pleasant frame of mind, and peace to know that you made someone smile, or that you helped someone out.

With that frame of mind and peace comes something else: Independence

It makes you feel self-reliable and independent to know that you can do something, you can write. And even if you're not very good at it right now, you can improve. That decision is up to you, the choice is yours, and it gives you this feeling of freedom to make your own decision, even if it's a small one.

The art of writing can be very relaxing and healing to the writer.
The art of writing can be very relaxing and healing to the writer.

Why you should write as well

Now that you know why I write, here's why you should write too!

Not only does it give you a feeling of independence and freedom, it's healing too!

It gives you the opportunity to make your voice heard, and can also calm you down. Typing on the keys of a keyboard can be extremely soothing, and, I've found that the little "click-tap-tap-backspace" noises, and feelings of the keys under my fingertips can be very calming.

You can learn a lot by writing. If you're upset about something, open up an email, address it to yourself, and write about how you feel. Write about the entire situation, and why you feel the way you do. Send it to yourself and read it when you're in a better frame of mind. This can help you to analyze if you tend to over-react to small things, and see what you may be able to do different if the situation ever arises again. It helps you to learn about yourself.

Go find your inspiration for writing!
Go find your inspiration for writing!
Books can help fuel your creative flow.
Books can help fuel your creative flow.

Go Write! Find your inspiration!

Now that you know why I write, and why you should start writing as well, you're ready to tackle the world with your newfound knowledge! Go write a short story, start a novel, journal about your day, write and start a blog, or put your feelings into words and try your hand at poetry. You never know, you may end up with the next "New York Times" bestseller, or a children's poem that may be read by parents to their young year after year from now on.


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