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15 Reasons Why You Are Awesome!


(In order to get the full effect of this article, I must request that as you read it, you imagine that Jack Black is actually saying the words. Seriously. Do it.)

This article is written simply to tell you how freakin awesome you are! Yes, YOU! Stop looking behind you. You are more awesome than you like to believe, and I want to tell you why, so listen up.

Reason #1: You Are So Damn Good Lookin'

That's right I said it. Your fine! Handsome. Hot! Da' bomb. No seriously though, if looking good was a sport, you'd be MJ, hands down. If you don't agree, then it's cause you just don't see it. Don't believe anyone who tells you different. Those haters have a chip on their shoulders and they're just tryin to bring you down. I guarantee someone out there finds you attractive, and not just in a sleazy way either.

Reason #2: You Have a Great Smile

Don't think I didn't see you smiling as you were reading number 1 up there. That big grin could light up anyone's day, and it probably has. And recently too. When you genuinely smile, it's contagious, man. It's like a shining beacon of hope that says "Hey, I'm doin fine, and you can be too!" That smile is money, everyone feels richer when you share it, and you can take that to the bank! To make a deposit. Word.

Numero 3: I Love Your Laugh

I heard you bustin a gut at number 2 just now. At my expense, but that's okay. Cause that laugh was like angels singing! It was like rays of sunshine, little sun fuzzies, makin' you feel all warm. And fuzzy. And fuzzy is always a good thing, cause it's such a cool word to say. You get my point. Your laugh makes other people feel good. It's like verbal massage therapy. Yeah...

Reason #4: Those Funny Little Things You Do

You know what I'm talkin' about. All those weird little things you do without even thinking about it, but that make you, well, you. Like the thing you do when you're nervous. Or when you're really, really hungry. Or even when you're mad. And what about when you really have to pee? Hilarious! And then there's that thing you do - when you're alone in the car, and you think noone's looking... You see how awesome you are? And we're only on number 4!

Reason #5: The Way You Dress

You have a style all your own. People might try to do your look, but you always have that one thing that screams "I'm the only me, baby!" Often simulated, never duplicated. That's right. You wear it well, and you never wear it out. Rock on with your bad self.


Reason #6: Your Positivity

You're a "cup is half full" kinda person, and I like that! You always look for (and find) the upside of every down situation. That's a rare quality, but you have it. You're the kind of person, if someone crashed into your car, you'd be like, "Don't apologize dude. Now I can get a new paint job! This is great!" People love to be around people like you!

Lucky #7: You're a "Good Finder"

Not only are you a positive person, but you also look for the good in others and their situations as well. And that's like awesome to the 10th power! You ignore any negative qualities in people and try to focus only on the positive, and if you have nothing positive to say, than you zip it!

You are such a good finder that if someone were to cut in front of you at a fast food restaurant, you would tell yourself, "Well, maybe they're hypoglycemic." And when someone cuts you off on the freeway, you think, "They must be in a hurry 'cause they have an emergency. I sure hope they get there safely!" I commend you on your good findingness!

Reason #8: You've Got Integrity

The salt of the earth you are. You always try to do what's right. Not just because someone might see you either, but because it's the right thing to do. You could never be bribed into doing something or saying something you don't believe in.

Not even torture would work to take away your integrity. Not even if they locked you up in a room with Joan Rivers and Perez Hilton watching celebrity red carpet walk repeats with The Jonas Brothers playing (live) in the background for a week straight with no sleep, would you break your integrity. You're an oak. Rock solid. A straight arrow. And your word is your bond.

"All I have in this world..."

"All I have in this world..."

Reason #9: You Genuinely Care About Others

Sure, you can be self centered at times - we all are, it's human nature. It's part of our survival instinct. But you, at your core, are genuinely concerned with the well being of others. I know without a doubt that if you could somehow get rid of all your own problems, past your own struggles, you would immediately seek to help others in need. And that, my friend, is all kinds of awesome.

Yes, you would retire your parents, send them on a vacation - a very s-l-o-w cruise around the world perhaps. You would give to the homeless, donate to charity (maybe even start your own). You would do a lot of financially good things i'm sure. You would, in the words of the Hip Hop community, "make it rain." And the world would sing, "It's raining money, halleluah, it's raining money..." And all because of your awesome generosity...

The Big 1-0. You Have a Servant's Heart

I know what you're thinking, "Man, I ain't no SUCKA!" But it's not like that. You understand the first law of stratospheric success outlined in "The Go-Giver" by Bob Burg and John David Mann;

The Law of Value : your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.

Because of this, you have learned to serve others. And in doing so, you add value to them as well. When you add value to others, you add value to everyone, including yourself, so don't worry about people mistaking your kindness for weakness. This virtuous cycle ensures that what you put out into the world comes back to you tenfold. People will go out of there way to repay you for adding value to their lives. How awesome is that?

Reason #11: You Can Be Trusted

This falls right in line with your integrity. People know they can tell you their deepest darkest secrets and you won't tell a soul. Well, maybe a soul (I mean who's he gonna tell, right?). You're no gossip either, which is especially hard to do, being that gossip seems to be a national pastime for most folks.

Your capacity to be trusted allows others to rely on you. You can be counted upon. You have a solid foundation in all of your relationships because they are based on trust. You will have the best, fastest results in life because of the trust you have earned.

But you take it a step further. You extend trust to others as well. People give you their best because they know you trust them. They love to have a great reputation to live up to, and you provide that. So trust for you is like a double edged sword. And maybe they'll use that sword, and you'll be knighted. And maybe they'll call you... Sir Trustalot. Hmmmm...maybe not.

Reason #12: You Want to Make a Difference

You really want to have a positive influence (somehow) in this world. You're going to figure out some way to hugely impact this world, leaving behind a legacy of changed lives in your wake. Whether it be the all elusive "World Peace" promised at beauty pageants across the world, or just a small contribution to the betterment of your community - somehow, some way, you will leave your mark on society. And it will make all the difference!


Lucky #13: You're Always Improving

Everyday, you're doing something to grow personally. You understand that the better you become, the better the world around you. Whether it be reading a book or listening to an audio on leadership, relationships, finance, or spirituality, you are always working on becoming a better you. You've adopted the Japanese ideology of "Kaizen" (meaning continuous improvement) into your lifestyle.

You will continue to advance in your awesomeness until you reek of utter bodacity and pure goodness oozes from every pore! Whoa...

Reason #14: You're NOT Perfect

No one wants to be around a perfect person anyway. How boring would that be? Besides, if you were perfect, your ego would be all bloated and stuff, and then we'd have to take you down! And no one wants that.

Perfect people make everyone else insecure. If there's anything we need less of in the world, it's insecurity. I mean sure, the psychologists would surely profit big time, but in the end our everyday society would look like the Jerry Springer show. So by NOT being perfect you thereby build the self esteem of the entire free world!! Kudos to you! You perfect imperfection you...

Last but not least: You're the BEST at being YOU

Can't nobody do you like you, baby!

Now correct me if i'm wrong, but you been doin' you since you were born, and that's longer than anyone I know. There's no one else quite like you, you are truly unique in your you-ness. If being you were a contest, you would get the grand prize, the gold medal, the blue ribbon, the proverbial  "cookie" if you will. I don't think I could do a better job being you if I were you!

And, besides that, it's hard work being you! It's hard to be such a good role model, so positive (in a negative world), so damn good lookin'! (trust me, I know) I know it's downright difficult to find the good in every situation and in every person. But you do it. And you do it with style. With grace. With panache.

I salute you! For doing what nobody else could possibly do. What no one else has the strength to do. And yet you do it everyday, no matter what. You've never took a vacation from being you, never called in sick. You simply do what you have to do, cause it has to be done. So I would just like to say, right here, right now, on behalf of the entire planet - THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!


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