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15 Things You Should Try at Least Once


1. Smoke Weed. This is number one on the list because the people who are against it, are really against it. I'm not condoning illegal activity of course, but if entire states are pro cannabis then there has to be something worth while about it. It's an experience. That's all I'm gonna say.

2. Ride a rollercoaster. People have gotten hurt and they have died but according to statistics the chances of being injured are one in 24 million, and the chance of being killed are one in 750 million. It really is a thrill that cannot be replicated and it will be over before you even open your eyes.

3. Change your hair color. A new cut is refreshing and almost therapeutic. But a new color... that can change everything. Go for it with something completely bold like red or just get creative by going a few shades lighter or darker. The world will look different to you.

4. Do something kind for a random stranger. Something bigger than giving a dollar to a homeless man.

5. Go to a spa. Man or woman, everyone needs a good massage and rejuvenating facial.


6. Karaoke. It's going to be embarrassing and you're probably going to sound terrible. But that's how it is for everyone. Now matter what you sound like own it and perform like you're in a commercial for the SuperBowl. Your audience will respect you, I promise. If that isn't enough then rely on a little liquid courage and the hopes that most of the people watching are too drunk to remember you tomorrow.

7. Visit another country. America is amazing and we are so privileged for all that we can do it. But it also sucks. Go see how other people around the world live and come back feeling like a cultured Queen. It truly is a humble and beautiful experience. Which brings me to my next point...

8. Get on a plane. Honestly it's not as uncomfortable or scary as people make it out to be, especially if you shell out a bit more for a better seat. Also, when you're in the air you don't feel a thing and turbulence remains at a minimum.

9. Go 48 hours with no internet. Turn off all your electronics and disconnect from the digital word. Explore what's possible without all that.

10. Go la vida loca in Vegas! There is no reason not to go that's better than all the reasons you should. Save your money and plan a trip.


11. Enter a competition. It doesn't matter if it's writing, artistic, athletic, or anything else. Find a legitimate contest for something your interested in and give it your best shot. Bonus points if you win a grand prize.

12. Find a really exquisite gourmet meal and then try to make it.

13. Learn a new dance. Whether you wanna waltz, tango, or perfect your milly rock it's totally worth it.

14. Tell someone how terrible their sex really is. Don't be an ass about it just be honest. Too many times we have gotten out of bed unsatisfied and irritated. But your partner can't read your mind. Spill the beans on exactly what you thought of their performance. It might be scary but it'll make you feel better.

15. Stand outside completely naked. It doesn't matter if it's your backyard or a beach being in the nude outdoors makes you hyper-aware of your senses and creates a really cool sense of freedom.

© 2017 Janelle Owens

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