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210 Reasons to Live

Mother of two daughters and grandmother of seven, I strive to achieve an optimum level of health and happiness. Life is all about balance

For Today...

For today these are the thoughts that I want you to hold within your mind. Sometimes when we are hurting we forget how truly wonderful life is and how special life's little blessings are. It can be difficult to see past the pain but remember, it just takes time. When life is trying on the heart we have to be patient and allow the passing of time to weave its magic healing spell. Time really can heal all wounds.

It is now a few years since I lost my best friend to suicide. I understand why she made the choice that she did but I also know that had she stayed that everything would have been okay for her.

Thousands of times I have thought of all the things I should have or would have said if I had only known what that next day was to bring. Her family says the same but it is far too late for any of us to make a difference in that outcome. For you it is not too late. These are 210 reasons to be happy, to treasure life, and to choose life over death.

The Simplest Things are the Most Important

1. The warm feeling of sunshine as it touches your skin.

2. Waking up early enough to see the colors of a beautiful sunrise.

3. Seeing a rainbow appear in the sky.

4. Sitting outside to watch the sun set in the evening.

5. Finding the first star that appears at night so you can make a wish on it.

6. Saying out loud the little poem that makes all wishes possible. Star light star bright first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.

7. Sitting outside after dark and watching the stars spin by overhead.

8. Catching sight of a falling star and making a wish on it as it disappears into the night air.

9. Looking up at the moon in the dark of night.

10. Seeing a baby fawn walk by with its mom.


When You Smile Laugh or Exercise You Release a Feel Good Chemical in Your Brain Called Endorphins

11. Put on your favourite music and sing along. Sing just because you can. Sing as loud as your mood allows.

12. Dance just because you can. Do you ever just crank up your favourite songs and dance around the living room all by yourself? I do and it is wonderful. I can do the rumba, I can belly dance, I can polka, or just wiggle my tush like an old witch trying to cast some weird sort of magic spell.

I have the music play loudly and there isn't anyone around to judge my performance so any moves that I want to make are okay. I love to dance but I don't always have someone to dance with so I dance by myself. Try it sometime. Just turn on your favourite music and waltz, boogie, shimmy and shake your body around the house.

Focus on the Moments Rather than the Hours

Breathing in the fresh outdoor air can feel so good. If you are in a city go to a park and walk around. If you can go camping do that every now and then. It's nice to get away and it also reminds you how nice it is to get back home and all cleaned up again. A shower at home sure feels good then.

13. Having a campfire and shifting the ashes with a stick. Adding wood to increase the flames. At night the sparks look like small fairies in flight.

14. Roasting a hotdog over the campfire. OMG they taste so good.

15. Toasting marshmallows over a campfire.

16. Staying up late and telling spooky stories.

17. Sleeping in late.

18. Running into a friend you have not seen for a very long time.

19. Slipping some money into a friend's coat pocket so they will discover it at a later date and have a really super great day keeping that secret to yourself.

Become an Artist


Sometimes We Think too Much About Stuff That Really Isn't all that Important

20. Seeing a little baby smile. They are so cute and it is so easy to make them smile.

21. Being able to watch your favourite television show.

22. Being able to listen to a song that you enjoy.

23. Being able to play on the internet. I love that.

24. Going to the movies.

25. Being able to go to a concert that you really want to see.

26. Getting a gift card or cash as a gift and heading off to the mall to spend it.

27. Going to the humane society and playing with the cats.

28. Visiting the humane society to take a dog for a walk. They almost always need volunteers to do that kind of stuff. They also like it when people come in to pet the kittens. It is a really easy way to do something nice.

29. Going to the park.

30. Stopping to pick wild flowers to make into a bouquet to set onto your kitchen table.

It is the little enjoyments in life that are important. Don't let the big picture over whelm you. If you focus on the little things the big stuff will generally take care of itself. Live life one little moment at a time.

31. Watching a Deer Stop to Smell the Flowers. Maybe She Was Going to Eat a Few but it was Still Pretty Cool

This is a deer who managed to get inside my deer proof fence. We discussed the issue and I managed to encourage her to leave.

This is a deer who managed to get inside my deer proof fence. We discussed the issue and I managed to encourage her to leave.

Sometimes it is Important to Just Live for Today Because Tomorrow Isn't Here Yet

32. Holidays have plenty of things to look forward to. Like getting a present that is exactly what you wanted.

33. Seeing the Christmas lights that decorate the town.

34. Hiding a special present away that will be from Santa. Just knowing it is there makes me feel good.

35. Being in the mall at Christmas time and watching the people around you. I usually have a cup of coffee and sit at an open restaurant just so I can watch the expressions of people who are shopping there. Kids are so cute at this time of year, having tantrums cause it is loud and noisy, and parents are always threatening them that Santa won't come if they don't behave. I bet that line has been used for practically forever.

36. Sitting and watching the Christmas tree blink.

37. Finding the perfect present for someone else.

38. Watching Santa online as he flies around the world on Christmas eve.

39. Going online on Christmas day. I love that.

Everyday is special but I love the holidays best. I am not sure why because I have had some pretty crappy ones in the past. I guess I simply love the feeling of knowing something special is in the air. I like to go to the mall and watch people as they shop. I watch the expressions on their faces, listen to the sounds, and just enjoy the magic.

Take Some Silly Photos Just for Fun


Talk to Someone Who Cares

Sometimes we think that no one else could possibly understand but there is always someone that we can reach out to. We just have to go to them to get the help we need. People need other people. It is a simple fact of life. Reach out to someone.

41. Saying I love you to someone. People really don't say it often enough.

42. Getting chocolates on Valentine's day. Ha, but in my family it is my husband who gets chocolates. He loves the stuff.

43. Holding hands with a friend.

44. Giving a friend a hug and them hugging you back.

45. A first date.

46. A first kiss.

47. Falling in love.

48. Your wedding day.

49. When you can't sleep so instead you watch your spouse sleep.

50. Saying a prayer before you go to sleep at night.

51. Watching a child say their prayers.

There are so Many Moments to Savour

52. Hiding Easter eggs for someone to find.

53. Finding the perfect Halloween costume. When you find the perfect costume and you know that absolutely nobody else is going to believe what you came as. Silly, sexy, or comical it just feels unbelievably good to know that your costume rocks.

54. The taste of that first glorious sip of coffee. Okay if you don't like coffee you can drink cocoa with a scoop of ice cream (oooh that is so good).

The first thing that I do in the morning is put a pot of coffee on to brew. The smell of it brewing is tantalizing and the first sip is pure heaven. I feel like I could dive in and swim around in the cup. Do backflips, turns, and spins. I just love that first cup so very much.

Every sip reminds me of the old perked coffee my parents used to make. My dad had a little coffee pot that he would scoop coffee into each morning. After the pot boiled 3 times his coffee was ready and usually pretty chewy with coffee grounds swirling around in every sip.

My sister bought my parents an automatic drip coffee maker but dad refused to use it insisting that he liked the rich dark taste of his brew. He said the other stuff didn't taste like real coffee. He is gone now but I still see him sometimes when I drink my morning coffee. He is there enjoying his coffee with me.

Do Something to Change Your Mood

55. Bake some homemade cookies. How can anyone not be happy when they have cookies with a cup of tea or a glass of ice cold milk. So good.

56. Planting a seed and watching it grow.

57. Planting a tree.

58. Going back years later and seeing that same tree still growing.

59. Being the only one to know that you planted it.

60. Going outside and dancing just because you can.

61. Standing outside in the rain just because you want to.

62. Laying in bed listening to the rain fall outside.

63. Singing as loudly as you can.

64. Putting up a bird feeder.

65. Watching and listening to the birds that visit.

66. Watching a squirrel steal your bird seed.

67. Seeing sunflowers bloom where you planted them. Time has a wonderful way of erasing hurts, resolving the impossible, and offering up unimaginable pleasures.

Find Strength in Talking to a Friend


Go Somewhere Different for the Day

68. I love going to the lake.

69. Swimming.

70. Boating.

71. Fishing.

72. Catching a fish.

73. Camping.

74. Getting some great nature photographs.

75. Seeing a bear and living to tell about it.

76. Sleeping in a real bed once you get back home again.

77. Posting your photos on Facebook and reading the comments.

78. Telling bear tales.

79. Enjoying a nice warm bubble bath.

80. Going to the spa for a pedicure.

81. Getting a hair cut and feeling all brand new.

A Small Surprise Can be so Exciting

82. Finding the coolest stone that you have ever seen. My sister and I used to pick agates by the road and dream about selling them for hundreds of dollars. We never sold them but we sure had a lot of fun collecting them and comparing the ones that we found against each others.

83. Finding a fossil.

84. Finding a 4 leaf clover

85. Finding the owner of a lost dog.

86. Finding something that you had thought you lost.

87. Finding money.

88. Discovering your paycheck is bigger than you thought it would be.

89. Laughing over something completely silly.

90. Jogging.

91. Learning yoga moves. Practicing them. Relaxing as you have never relaxed before.

92. Going thrift store shopping and finding a treasure.

93. Getting a really great bargain at the store.

94. Losing your heart when you least expect to.

95. Watching a Butterfly Flutter By


Life holds Many Amazing Surprises

96. Acing a test.

97. Knowing you did good on a job interview.

98. Getting the job you were interviewed for.

99. Getting a raise.

100. Getting a promotion.

101. Getting a better job offer.

102. Vacation time.

103. Enjoying a paid national holiday.

104. Winning something.

105. Helping someone less fortunate out.

106. Holding a new baby in your arms.

107. Being a mentor to a child.

108. Being a friend to someone who needs one.

109. Eating a cold ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

110. Going for a nice long walk.

111. Working out and feeling great after it.

112. Getting a new car. It smells so good.

113. Doing some home baking and eating as much as you want.

114. Snuggling up in bed with a good book.

115. Munching on frozen grapes.

116. Crafting something with your own hands.

117. Giving away the item you made.

118. Finding a lucky penny and tucking it into your shoe.

119. Graduating.

Don't Allow a Social Media Feed to Dictate Your Mood


120. Connecting with an old friend on facebook.

121. Watching snowflakes fall in the winter.

122. Going tobogganing in the winter.

123. Going skiing.

124. Drinking hot chocolate when it is cold outside.

125. Being able to throw a penny into a wishing well.

126. Sipping a glass of wine with a friend.

127. Petting a furry friend on the head.

128. Catching snowflakes on your tongue.

129. Having a snowball fight.

130. Helping someone push their car out when it is stuck.

131. Having a candlelight dinner.

132. Watching how the sun glistens on the snow. It looks just like a sparkly Christmas card.

133. Making snow angels in the new fallen snow.

134. Being Thankful You Didn't Break Anything When You Wiped Out


Some People are Prone to Seasonal Depression

Words are Magical Write Your Thoughts Out


135. Listening to the crows caw.

136. Talking to the crows and them actually listening.

137. Seeing a pair of crows kiss.

138. Walking down the street with a pocket full of dog treats to pass along to each one that you meet.

139. Watching kids play at the park.

140. Spotting two seniors very much in love.

150. Getting to travel somewhere that you have never been before.

151. Getting super great service at a business.

152. Getting to dine out.

153. Watching ducks at the lake.

154. Feeding the ducks grain that you just bought at the local feed store.

155. Playing a round of golf.

156. Moving into your very own home sweet home.

157. Getting a surprise compliment from someone.

158. Writing in your journal.

159. Having a lottery ticket in your wallet.

160. Getting a surprise inheritance.

161. Finally paying off a nasty bill.

162. Waking up from a really great dream.

163. Taking a course in something that you love.

164. Having lunch with a friend.

165. Enjoying an ice cold beer.

166. Watching the news.

167. Discussing the news.

Smile: Happiness is Contagious


168. Going to a family reunion is enlightening. Looking at old family photographs and finding someone who looks like you is amazing.

169. Learning how to skip rocks.

170. Learning to play an instrument.

171. Buying something foolish just because you want to.

172. Eating cinnamon hearts.

173. Getting over a cold and feeling better again.

174. Going to garage sales.

175. Touring a heritage site.

176. Going hiking.

177. Going to the zoo.

178. Touring a museum.

179. Doing up your family tree and discovering some very juicy gossip in there.

180. Chocolate cake.

181. Going to a car show.

182. Discovering you can fit that pair of jeans that you did not fit last summer.

183. Having a nice warm cup of tea at someones house.

184. Watching a horror show and then being scared for half the night.

185. Getting a bad case of the giggles.

186. Laughing so hard that you wet yourself.

187. Winning on a scratch lottery ticket.

188. Writing on a helium balloon and sending your thoughts floating up to the sky.

189. Watching a train go by.

190. Blowing dandelion seed into the air.

191. Watching the fish swim at the pet store.


192. Getting home from work after a very long day.

193. Smiling at someone and seeing them smile back.

194. Laughing at a funny joke, comment, or movie.

195. Hearing someone say thank you.

196. Writing a novel.

197. Getting an award.

198. Finding out that someone admires you.

199. Getting an all clear diagnosis from your doctor.

200. Discovering that you have more friends than you thought you did.

The Last 10 Reasons to Live are Yours

Get a piece of paper and write them out, ten things that you live for. They can be some that I mentioned or ones that are yours alone.

I hope that you are visiting this page simply because you stumbled onto it. But if you are here because you are looking for a reason to continue living then I pray that you will take the time to reconsider the decision you are contemplating. There are a million reasons not to commit suicide but naming them all would take a very long time.

Please talk to a friend, call a relative, or call your community help line. Their number will be in the phone book. Please talk to someone

© 2018 Lorelei Cohen