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20 Things that can happen when God steps in

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♥¸.·* Ofcourse hundreds or thousands of things can happen when God steps in, but I will just give a taster of 20 and I hope at least one speaks to your heart...♥¸.·*



When God Steps in:

1) Lack turns into provision and abundance.

2) What doctors said is a hopeless situation turns out to be miraculously cured. They are baffled.

3) People who dislike you will have a changed attitude. (In school, at work, family friends and etc. You are favoured).




4) Strong L♥ve. Couples who can’t stand each other and are at the brink of divorce, suddenly see past it all and are willing to give each other their best.

5) Favour and Acceptance. Example: Job Interviews, Business Contracts, marrying into a new family, being accepted in a Team etc.(He removes the spirit of dislike/hatred).



6) You have Guidance. Not going round life in circles. What should take you 3 months, doesn't take you 3 years.

7) Brilliant innovative ideas for your profession, business, or for where ever your passion lies. As you know, one simple idea could change your life.

8) Heaven sent help. Out of the blue, people you don’t know, will cross your path to help/support you. Some will remain friends, some you will never meet again. I call them Destiny Helpers.

9) Discernment. The ability to see past a person’s good looks, polished talk, smile, attitude. Also, for business deals etc.

10) A person at the brink of suicide suddenly realises that there is a lot to live for. Spirit of Depression leaves them.


11) Conditions will start shifting in your favour.

12) "Run-away" teens will feel the urge to return and be reunited with parents and family. No one will force them to.

13) Forgiveness comes easily and you feel at peace.

14) A woman considered barren will prove science wrong and one day hold her own baby.

15) No worries/stress because you are confident that God has it all under control.


16) Inspite of challenges (life's not a bed of roses) You will still have the inner strength to carry on with life and strength left over to help others who are needy.

17) Addicts will find the power to overcome addictions that normally control them.

18) Life doesn’t become a struggle.

19) Victory follow you. If people plan to bring you down. They won’t succeed and will only end up turning against themselves. That includes Terrorists, but we have to pay the price through prayer.

20) Every day, you have a smile and something to be grateful for.




…..and that’s just 20. If people shared their personal stories, it will fill so many books.

Simply ask HIm to step into any situation.

Thanks for reading.



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