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20 Aphorisms of Sri Chinmoy. Wednesday's Inspiration 12, to Rosina Khan

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.


Wisdom from the Master: Hope and self-giving

Do not allow yourself

To be ruled by dark doubts.

Make friends with bright hopes

At every moment

To change your own world

And the world around you.

Mine is the wisdom-light

That tells me to ask

Not for a lighter burden,

But for a stronger heart.

Do not be afraid of tasting

The bitterness of failure.

Be brave!

The sweetness of success

Will before long befriend you.

Inside I live

Soulfully and sleeplessly.

Outside I give

Generously and unconditionally.

The seeker’s offering

Of an iota of gratitude to God

Is as beautiful as a rose

Held by God in His own hand.

Since the beginning of creation

Self-giving and happiness

Have been oneness-friends.

Inside a self-giving purity-heart

I see always

A thousand smiles shining brightly.

Each devoted moment

Prepares a beautiful sunrise

And a fruitful sunset.

It is an exceptional privilege

To have the beauty of

A serene mind

The purity of a loving heart


The divinity of a humble life.

Only two miracles are

Worth seeing:

The miracle of loving


The miracle of forgiving.


Wisdom of Sri Chinmoy: reflections

What powerfully you hold

In your thought-world

Will make you either

A street Beggar

Or a great king.

A genius is he

Who ends rules and regulations.

A genius is he

Who is nothing but a powerful


In the ocean of cosmic


A falsehood-loving man

Is helplessly attached

To his unfulfilled desires.

A truth-loving man

Is sleeplessly devoted

To his unmanifested dreams.

God hears

The soulful prayers of a seeker

Not only with great readiness

But also with immediate


My Love of God

Has no need of Heaven’s Bliss,

For my love of God Itself,

Is the highest Bliss.

My Lord does not ask me

For my mind’s brilliance

He only asks me

For my Heart’s radiance.

When peace is multiplied

Truth is multiplied

When truth is multiplied

Love is multiplied

When love is multiplied

God is multiplied.

Do not allow

Your pure flower-heart

To inherit the shameless


Of your blind and wild mind.

I gave God what I have

And what I am:

My willingness.

God is now giving me

What he has and what He is:

His Fullness. - Sri Chinmoy

Note: Most of the aphorisms were taken from Garden of the Soul by Sri Chinmoy and other srichinmoycentre sources. The book is available on Amazon and on

Sri Chinmoy in Contemplation


Wisdom from the Master

"An unsolved problem Is nothing other than A revolving door." - Sri Chinmoy

"Nothing divine can ever decay. Nothing divine can even fade." - Sri Chinmoy

Touches on God's future plans, hope and Oneness

Life in 2021


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