2 Simple Tips on How to Be Happy

Updated on October 22, 2017

Just Smile

Happiness is something that we all are after

Happiness is something that we all are after. Who doesn't want to be happy and at peace? What is this happiness? These are questions that one tends to answer at critical junctures in troublesome times of life.

Happiness is a feeling of fulfillment. When the mindset is positive, hopes and aspirations are achieved; a glowing inward feeling rises and makes you feel soothing peace. You smile, pain is gone, and pleasure covers your soul. Happiness is a frequency of cool signals, transmitted from person to person. This frequency has an amplitude of harmonious mind and heart.

The crest of pain is inverse, and trough of stress is on a negative value. Are you confused by this scientific evaluation of "passion"? Science never believes in hypothetical things such as feelings, senses and artistically abstract themes. If someone is happy, we need to observe the state of happiness. Then write the observations onto paper and make a practical. The results of practical will thus be implied with the theory. The theory, practical and the hypothesis must all support each other. In a few years time, a law of happiness will be put forth. This is still not definite and chances of cancellation are there. Science is always strict with feelings, so let's skip it!

A simple study of happiness in terms of normal humans is sufficient enough to derive conclusions.

1. Optimism

Optimism or positive thinking is the most valid reason for happiness. The mind plays a vital role; one should train his or her mind to be positive all the time. If someone is hanging on a falling bridge, death is almost certain and he is thinking positively- this may help to bring some good out of the worst situation. If he is into a negative frame of mind, he will die even before the bridge falls or will not be able to respond to any rescue efforts. The optimistic approach is always helpful. It is observed that in any problematic situation, negative thinking becomes bigger than the original problem.
Be optimistic, have a constructive and positive attitude- you will never be depressed and will always enjoy true happiness.

2. Authentic happiness:

Simply follow your choice and be happy. If you are religious, find happiness in God. If you are liberal, find happiness in liberalism. If you are a poet, be happy by poetry. So, it all comes to a choice you make. The authenticity of pleasure is always in doing what you want to do, and refraining from things you hate. Simple and effective!

Happiness is all one should fight for. If you get it, you will be peaceful forever.

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      • Rhyme Vine Poetry profile image


        15 months ago from Uninhabited Regions

        Yes, happiness gives us the energy needed to live a life much more fully. Wonderful article!

        Tamara xxx


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