10 Funny Prayers to Show Thanks for Your Food

Updated on August 21, 2019

A Wide Variety

Our Father

who art in heaven,

thank You for our guest

who are dining

with us today.

Though we are

worlds apart in cuisine,

help them find a

happy medium

of delightful tastes,

from this a wide variety

they have seen.

Bless each bite.


Debbie T. Alsup

Big Daddy

Thank You God,

by your grace

our cupboard is full.

Our table is not bare

We now pray

for a righteous husband

and father,

to sit at the head

of our table,

in the big daddy chair.


Debbie T. Alsup

Bless This Mess


bless this mess

of a meal I've made,

before the guests arrive.

I hope I have hidden

the burnt cornbread

discretely enough

with the o.k. slices.

Where I've added

too much salt,

let me have

watered it down enough

so others won't notice.

And please,

please Lord,

if You really want to be

merciful to me tonight,

just let my guests

call for a rain check.


Debbie T. Alsup


Thank you God

for all who

are seated at this table.

We hope all pot lucks

are palatable

and all false teeth

are secure and able.

Smile upon us oh Lord.

Keep all blood

pressures stable.

Let us enjoy

our meals,

yet not linger too long.

Bless each cook

for preparing some

needed specialized foods.

Show extra special favor

Jehovah to them

for checking the

nutrition labels,

to ease bodies and minds.

Let us all raise

our glasses

and cheers to God

one more time.


Debbie T. Alsup


Gracious Lord,

we have now taken

the pork off the table.

We have now made

the gluten free.

We have now

emptied the sugar

from the sugar bowl.

We have now

thrown the salt

back into the sea.

We have now

commandeered MSG.

We have now

deseeded the grape,

which is such a good

gift from Thee.

God we ask You,

to enrich the nutrients

in each portion that we see.

Let us not miss

what is not missing.

Nourish our bodies

and minds.

Let us remember

the cooks and preparers

and thank them again

one more time.


Debbie T. Alsup

Filling Station

Oh Lord,

thank You for those who

are seated here.

We will never say,

we don't have enough

food to eat,

for You are our filling station.

Just remind us not to siphon

food from this meal

like some others

and hoard the leftovers.

Let us share

with a needy family.

Let us pray for those

who are hungry

throughout the nation.


Debbie T. Alsup

Hard Work

O powerful Father,

work your magic here.

Bless all

who have dared

to come together

to enjoy my first

royal feast.

If some dish

doesn't taste quite right,

let each guest

just rename it

as i do,

to respect the cooks

hard work at least.


Debbie T. Alsup


Let us stand

around our table

to praise God

for this meal.

God bless all

who have come

to fellowship together.

Let us not praise

our loved ones cuisines

much louder.

No shouting excitedly

how delicious it is.

No ignoring or snubbing

other delicious dishes

from an unknown neighbor.

Let us give

all the glory to God

and compliment all the cooks.

God bless all

who were able

and willing to

prepare this food.

God bless

each and every bite.


Debbie T. Alsup

Twice Baked Potatoes

Gracious Lord,

I followed the recipe

I cooked it twice.

Twice baked potatoes

with loaded vegetables

sure sounded nice.

I sampled the finished product.

The seasonings divine..

It tasted so delicious.

I baked it a third time.

I hope all my guest

sitting here loves it.

Bless this food

for us all Lord.


Debbie T. Alsup

Wild Game

To your name God

be the glory.

The Lord He is good

all the time.

Just look

at what He has done.

Thank God

for all of you

who have come.

Bless the hunters in this place.

If it were not for them

this wild game dinner

could not have been.

The buffet table is full

of new and unusual

selections: wild rabbit,

hogs head, wild turkey,

venison, pheasant,

turtle, wild duck and more.

Bison burgers

at the kids buffet table.

Sorry no kangaroo.

God bless it all.

Let's eat,

where the deer

and the antelope lay.


Debbie T. Alsup

Funny Prayers vs Serious Prayers

Do you think it is o.k. to say a funny prayer before a meal?

See results

Thank you so much for visiting our hub. If you have any funny prayers before meals you would like to share or any comments please do so here. We welcome them.

As always please feel free to change any words or foods mentioned to personalize your own funny prayers to show thanks for your food. Thank you again.

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