6 Ways to Stimulate Creativity and Innovation

Updated on November 4, 2017

Next, 6 ways you can stimulate creativity and innovation.

1. Set new goals and challenges

In a certain way we could say that the driving force of creativity and innovation is always to be based on something. Unless you have to face a challenge or solve a problem that causes you to obsess solve it can generate good ideas and try to solve it by putting those ideas into practice.

2. Feel good about what you do and practice a hobby

Although in reality there are few who have the fortune to dedicate 100% to what they love and are passionate about doing, it is always important to feel a certain degree of taste towards the activity or trade that is carried out, whatever it may be.

This is important not only to maintain the disposition and encouragement necessary to develop creativity and innovation, but to persevere in the trade even in spite of the difficulties and obstacles that may be encountered.

Therefore in this sense should consider whether beyond any stimulus feel pleasure for what he does or otherwise should make future plans to engage in other activities or trades that although they may represent certain sacrifices, can be much more satisfying and rewarding to allow you to keep the inspiration alive and afloat on a day-to-day basis.

All this, hand in hand with practicing some kind of hobby or playful activity for which you feel pleasure are key to maintain balance and combat the levels of stress that in any way for one reason or another will always come. This way you can maintain the lucidity and the necessary focus in your daily life to preserve the creative and innovative approach.

3. Have the habit of loading a notebook and writing down things you find interesting

It is not uncommon for many times the best ideas come to mind in situations and moments that may not be the most appropriate. It is like remembering several pending tasks that had been forgotten and not having where to write them down quickly. For this reason, having the habit of carrying a notebook or writing down anything that you find interesting in your cell phone notebook will help you not to let go or forget any idea well because it suddenly came to mind, because it occurred as result of the observation, or because it arose from a comment or conversation you had with another person.

4. Try new things

There is nothing more harmful than routine when we talk about encouraging creativity and innovation. For the same reason, instead of making a monologue of your daily life, try to try new things and start moving those habits that do not bring you any benefit and that on the contrary cancel critical thinking.

Just as one who lives comfortably in his world tends to become selfish and is unable to see other realities before which he ends up becoming indifferent, the only way to see what others do not see is by doing things and developing habits different from those of the rest of the world. herd.

In addition to trying to eliminate unnecessary noise and distractions as much as possible to improve your concentration (for example, trying to make a more reasonable use of your cell phone, television or radio that also does not end up absorbing it in your daily life), you can develop new habits like reading books that you find interesting at night instead of turning on the TV or encouraging yourself to try new things in your day-to-day life as you try to solve common problems that arise in your work in a different way or look for better ways of doing things.

5. Take advantage of downtime during the day

The time we use to go from one place to another or that is available to us sometimes during work can also be used to stimulate creativity and innovation. In this sense you can use these periods for example to listen to audiobooks (in the case of travel during the day in public or private transport), to read a book about a topic that interests you (when you have a free time in your office) or to do some other type of reading or playful activity (such as using mental games).

6. Question everything

Regardless of whether it is a very successful recipe with years of tradition or a sales system developed by a company that works perfectly, we must bear in mind that everything is susceptible to questioning and improvement. Although in our environment we could observe that there are many things that work well, that does not mean that they can not be modified and look for new and better ways of doing things.

Creativity and innovation


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