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10 Kind Gestures You Can Do To Help Brighten Someone's Day

Spread Kindness

How do you feel when someone does something kind for you? How do you feel when you do kind things for others? Most likely, I think you feel good. Here are 10 ways to spread kindness to others. Keep the cycle of kindness going. This world could always use more kindness. You may not be able to do all of these kind gestures, but one act of kindness is better than none.

10 Kind Gestures You Can Do To Help Brighten Someone's Day

1. Pay for a stranger. Will you be going through a toll booth today or buying coffee at a coffee shop? Pay for the person in line behind you. They may be pleasantly surprised that a stranger could be so kind to pay for them.

2. Offer to babysit. Do you know a couple who could really use a night out? Maybe you know a busy mom or dad who needs some time to him/herself or to just run some errands. Offer your time to help out by babysitting for free!

3. Bake for your coworkers. Bake a few batches of cookies and hand them out to your coworkers at work. You could place the cookies in personalized bags or cookie tins.

4. Visit a lonely person. Do you know someone who is lonely? You may want to call them and ask for a visit. You could really brighten their day by spending time with them.

5. Offer to take a picture. Do you see a group of people trying to take a picture together? Stop and offer to take the picture for them. People will appreciate this kind gesture.

6. Donate new items to charity. Instead of just donating your used items, you may want to buy a few new items. Some things that shelters or charity thrift stores might need are sanitary pads, soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrushes, new packs of socks and underwear.

7. Leave a generous tip. If you are ordering food for delivery or eating at a restaurant, leave a little extra tip today. Instead of the usual amount you tip your servers or delivery drivers, add an extra amount to that. Better yet, tip someone whose job doesn't usually expect them to receive tips. This could be the bagger at your local grocery store or a service man, such as an exterminator who you felt did a good job. Make sure they are allowed to receive them as some places of employment do not allow workers to accept tips.

8. Write a letter of appreciation. Is there someone in your life who inspires you or has helped you through difficult times? Write a nice letter to tell them how much you appreciate their help, advice or inspiration. Send the letter in the mail. Who wouldn't like to receive a nice "thank you" letter in the mail, especially when it is unexpected?

9. Adopt an overlooked shelter animal. Are you ready for a new pet? Do you have the time to help turn around the life of an animal who might not otherwise have a chance at getting adopted? You may want to adopt an animal that has a harder time being adopted or who has been in the shelter for a long period of time. This could be an older or elderly cat or dog. Also, there are some other animals who just need some tender love and care because they have health issues or they may be very timid and shy.

10. Pay someone a compliment. Did you just pass by someone and you couldn't help but notice how nice their outfit or hair looked? How about how good the service was at your local coffee shop? Giving someone a compliment can really brighten up their day. Simply say "I love your outfit!" or "Thank you for such great service, you are so friendly." These words might stick in the person's mind all day and help give them a little more pep in their step. I once gave someone a compliment and the woman actually cried. She said she never felt that way about herself and that the compliment meant so much to her. You never know whose life you can change today just by saying or doing something kind!

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