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On the Wall, Near the Ceiling

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the light switch on the wall, near the ceiling

the light switch on the wall, near the ceiling

In August 2018, after 13 years of marriage, my wife and I finally bought our first home. Upon inspection and moving into our home, there were a few of those "That's cool!" and "That's weird!" moments, which are to be expected. One of those oddball moments was discovering a light switch on the wall, near the ceiling in our bedroom.

I distinctly remember my wife asking, "What does that go to?" I was at a loss because it was outside of the closest without an attic access panel. Why would someone put a light switch on the wall so high up? We simply shrugged.

Fast forward to 2020 and the Covid-19 era of weirdness and my oldest daughter announces, "We don't have any hot water!" Well, considering that it had been 100+ degrees every day for the past month, our attic hot water heater didn't need any help. And I certainly didn't notice any difference. But with cooler weather forecast for later that week, we would sorely miss that hot water.

So, to our home warranty hotline, I went in search of plumbing assistance. After a couple of days of waiting, they plumbers loudly proclaimed, "We can't test your water heater because there's no power running to it!" Baffled, we asked, "How's that possible?" Confused and uncertain. (I was thinking it was a preemptive attack by the regional confederation of squirrel tribes, but I digress.) We arranged for an electrician to come out.

Again, after much waiting, the plumbers loudly announced, "We can't find the power connection to your hot water heater!" To which my wife and I exclaimed, "Do what?" "We can't find the power cord from the breaker box. It drops off through the attic and down into the wall." I informed them of the other attic access in the garage because there's no access between sections.

Well, the younger and much thinner electrician proved me wrong. From the garage attic access and out the hallway access he came. Call him Kris Kringle. He wriggled through so well! He said, "We know the line drops down the wall in this direction..." pointing toward the bedroom. To which my wife exclaimed, "Well, there's this switch on the wall, near the ceiling?"

From his pocket, the electrician pulled his trusty screwdriver and signal tester, and what to our wondering ears we heard, a "beep" and "boop" (well, more like a shrill, irritating, digital, "eeekkk") that indicated power was coming through that oddball switch on the wall, near the ceiling. "Watada ya mean? That switch has an actual purpose?", I questioned.

And the four of us stood there in complete and utter absolute amazing disbelief, staring at that switch on the wall, near the ceiling. And our intrepid attic exploration expert, Kris Kringle, switched it on. We thanked them for their service and wished them safe travels to their next job.

Now, all my wife and I could do was suffer the indignity of paying $200.00 for someone to come turn a light switch on. Go figure! Welcome to the continuing saga that is 2020!

And several hours later, just like the little engine that could, our hot water heater was once again in full production. Now that the weather has consistently turned cooler in the late afternoons and early mornings, this experience was well worth the expense.

Now, take it from me if you have something weirdly similar hanging on your wall, near the ceiling, DON'T TOUCH IT!! Because you might run out of hot water and have to pay someone to turn the switch back on.

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