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150+ Ways to Annoy Your Teacher

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150+ Ways to Annoy Your Teacher

150+ Ways to Annoy Your Teacher

There are billions of things you can try just to annoy your teacher whenever any boring class is in session. Well okay, you got me! I only know a few, but even so, the spirit of fun is what matters in this tricky school endeavor.

How to annoy your teacher? Well, that won't be the question anymore once you read and get through this compendium of fun. After all, this list shall be the greatest answer to your mundane yet happy school life.

By the way, take note that all kinds of pranks and tricks have the nasty habit of backfiring anytime. That being said, proceed with extreme caution and do not engage with, or take seriously, pranks that may actually cause harm or serious inconvenience. Be prepared to face an earful of scolding or even detention when trying any of the items listed here. Don't worry, most of these are pretty harmless yet still very annoying. Annoy and prank at your own risk!

Funny Ways to Annoy Your Teacher

  • Raise your hand when the teacher asks a question. Then, if he/she calls on you, just say "I was just stretching."
  • If by any chance your teacher penalizes you by asking you to "face the wall", talk with the wall like you're really having a conversation with it.
  • Stand on your chair and dance wackily.
  • Gather your stuff and make preparations to leave 10 minutes before the class actually ends.
  • When your teacher comes, go to the door and shout in Gandalf's voice "You shall not pass!" (Let's just hope the teacher doesn't say the exact same words to you.)
  • Take-off your pants and place them in the "Lost and Found" section.
  • Call your teacher dad/mom, or better yet...grandpa/grandma!
  • Confess your love and propose to your teacher in class.
  • Always fart loudly in class and blame it on your classmates.
  • Make up the silliest and craziest excuses for showing up late at school (e.g. I saved an old lady on my way to school, the aliens abducted me for half an hour, etc.).
  • Slip the chalkboard eraser on top of the door, and wait for your teacher to come in.
  • Broadcast to the whole class that you're the author of the textbooks you are all using.
  • Tell your teacher that you dreamt about him/her, and when they say “Awww…” you say "You died!"
  • Borrow a pencil from your teacher and return it all-chewed-out and without the eraser.
  • If your teacher has the habit of repeating certain words in class (e.g. umm, ahh, oh, etc.), list down the grand total on a piece of paper and announce the results at the end of the class.
  • In front of the teacher, fake-rip your test papers with a "shhhh" sound.
  • Talk randomly out of thin air and tell your teacher that you're talking with your imaginary friend.
  • Bring a creepy pet in class (e.g. spider, rat, etc.) and let it lose in the middle of a serious lecture.
  • Whenever you're late, quote Tolkien and say “A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.”
  • Apply floor wax on the blackboard then watch as your teacher tries hard to write anything on it.
  • Ask for permission to go to the bathroom and when your teacher does let you go, say "Too late! Nevermind."

Conventional Ways to Prank Your Teacher

  • Take out your math book and solve mathematical problems while you're in history class.
  • Complain about how useless your teacher's subject is and how it doesn't have any real-life applications.
  • Say "Finally!" whenever the teacher calls on you to recite.
  • Shout as loud as you can whenever a brownout (power interruption) occurs.
  • Sit like a boss on the teacher's table.
  • Call-out people passing by in the hallway.
  • Start a "Food Fight" in class.
  • Say "Pick me! Pick me!" when your teacher is calling for recitation, and when he/she finally calls on you, say "Nevermind!”
  • Bring some crunchy food and eat it in class.
  • Get yourself into a different class, and see how long it takes for the teacher to notice you.
  • Slide down the staircase rails when the teacher’s looking.
  • Take a walk whimsically around the classroom while your teacher is talking.
  • Immediately after the teacher gives-out instructions, say "Huh?”
  • Right after you go to the bathroom, ask your teacher if you can go to the bathroom again.
  • Cough or sneeze every chance you get.
  • During an exam, drop your pencil or pen every 30 seconds.
  • When your teacher calls on you, pretend to be blind and deaf.
  • When the bells rings/class ends, pick up your chair and leave.
  • Ask your teacher "Where do babies come from?" while he/she is discussing seriously.
  • After your teacher explains something very VERY long, ask him/her "Can you explain that again?"

Ways to Annoy Your Teacher Without Getting in Trouble

  • Doodle on your desk while he/she is discussing something.
  • Every time your teacher makes a statement, ask "Why?”
  • Pass notes everywhere in class. Make sure your notes reach the farthest ends of the classroom.
  • Be a know-it-all!
  • Bring the wrong notebook for every subject.
  • Give your teachers funny code names.
  • During recitation, talk really...really...slow.
  • Shout "you're late" when the teacher comes to the classroom.
  • Giggle at everything your teacher does.
  • Occasionally beg your teacher for extensions on your reports and projects.
  • With a serious face, ask your teacher "What is the meaning of life?"
  • Cry hysterically whenever your teacher reprimands you.
  • Pretend to listen in class.
  • Draw some fake eyes on your eyelids with a washable marker and sleep as long as you want.
  • Study way WAY ahead of the lesson and ask your teacher about future topics.
  • Knock at the faculty room and run as fast as you can before anyone opens the door.
  • Staple your papers/reports numerous times with a lot of staple wires.
  • Constantly complain about how nasty the food is in the school cafeteria.
  • Disguise your comic books as text books and read them in class.
  • Keep raising your hands but deliberately say the wrong answers.
  • When the teacher asks you a question, say "Thought you'd never ask!" and smirk while doings so.
  • Use all sorts of fancy font types, sizes, and colors on your papers/reports.
  • Pretend like your pencils are drumsticks and the heads of your classmates in front of you are cymbals.
  • Do not bring a pencil/pen during an exam and borrow one from the teacher.
  • Draw a smiley face on your test paper and try to talk to it.
  • Tell a very personal story while you are just reciting.

Obnoxious Ways to Annoy Your Teacher

  • Don't follow any of your teacher's instructions.
  • Talk while your teacher is talking.
  • Mimic your teacher's every movement.
  • Bring out your phone and play with it.
  • Be a smart-aleck!
  • Answer "Absent!" whenever your teacher calls your name in a roll call.
  • Smudge chalk all-over your teacher's chair. His/her butt will be all-white when he/she stands up.
  • Be extra annoying when your teacher is being observed in class.
  • Play music in class and raise the volume to the max.
  • After a super long lecture and your teacher asks you what you didn't understand, say "Everything!"
  • Throw crumpled papers at your classmates during class.
  • Ask the same question the teacher already answered a minute ago.
  • Chat with your classmates as if you're outside of the classroom.
  • Put superglue on your teacher's chair. (This would surely get you into trouble and detention though.)
  • Never follow your teacher's rules and regulations.
  • Clip and file your nails while the teacher is giving a lecture.
  • Do the "sexy whistle" whenever your teacher passes by.
  • After your teacher explains something, say "Well, duh!"
  • Answer a phone call in class and when the teacher calls on you say "Shhhh!"
  • Announce loudly in class "This is really boring!”
  • Comment on your teacher's appearance and clothes.
  • Hide the teacher's chair and table somewhere else.
  • Ask your teacher about their age and laugh about how old they are.
  • Tell them how to do their job. (Trust me, this really REALLY works!)
  • Do a "running commentary" while the he/she is giving a lecture.
  • Whenever your teacher is late, put his/her picture on the table with matching candles and funeral stuff.
  • Wear earphones…or perhaps headphones, and when the teacher calls your attention, just say “Say what? I don’t hear you.”
  • Make faces at your teacher.
  • Roll your eyes whenever your teacher makes a statement.
  • Call the "Health" or "Sex Education" teacher a pervert/pedophile.
  • Flick the light switch on and off.
  • Draw obscene pictures on the blackboard.
  • Never let your teacher finish a sentence.

Clever Ways to Annoy Your Teacher

  • When your teacher asks for your homework, use the classic "my dog ate my homework" excuse.
  • Ask your English teacher a Math question.
  • Raise your hands when the teacher asks something and when he/she calls on you, say "May I go to the restroom?"
  • Pretend to sleep, and when the teacher calls you, bombard him/her with all the questions she already answered.
  • Keep correcting your teacher's grammar.
  • Walk into class the very moment the bell rings or the class ends.
  • Pretend to be dumb and dull.
  • Staple money on your test/exam paper and a note that says "Thank you for the high mark!"
  • When your teacher asks for your homework, tell him/her that your parents are still not done with it.
  • Put a chalk under the chalkboard eraser and watch as your teacher makes more mess as he/she tries to clean the chalkboard.
  • Whenever your teacher says something, reply with "Is that so?"
  • Ask your teacher "Would I get into trouble for something I didn't do?", and when they answer "no", say "Great! I didn't do my homework!"
  • Tell your teacher that you saw him/her on TV. When he/she asks what channel, say "Animal Planet" channel.
  • Perform a summoning ritual involving summoning the spirits of "Einstein" or "Newton" during a big test/exam.
  • In a "True or False" type of exam, try to write your answer in such a way that it looks like a "true" or a "false" no matter what angle you read it.
  • Write so small in your homework or papers that your teacher wouldn't be able to read it.
  • Tell your teacher that you really REALLY need to go to the bathroom while dancing/shaking around him/her.
  • Coordinate with everyone in class and do something particular all at the same time.
  • When the teacher tells you to highlight important points in your notes and books, highlight everything and claim that everything’s important!
  • Answer your teacher in a totally different language.
  • When the teacher says "Take a seat!” reply with "Take it where?”
  • Submit your test/exam papers as ridiculously early as you can.
  • Suddenly burst into tears when your teacher tells you that your answer is wrong.
  • Pretend like you only have one brain cell.
  • Throw your pen/pencil as far as you can across the room and say "It slipped!”
  • When your teacher asks you a difficult question, say that you can't answer because of religious reasons.
  • Talk to your classmates across the room. If your teacher tells you to keep quiet, silently tiptoe towards your classmates and whisper to them instead.
  • Never talk to the substitute teacher because your original teacher told you not to talk to strangers.
  • Ask your teacher if you can be excused from class FOREVER!
  • When your teacher asks you question, say "Why don't you answer that yourself?! You're the teacher here."
  • Answer every question with another question.

How to Randomly Annoy Your Teacher

  • Hum your favorite song while class is in session.
  • Answer each and every question with another question.
  • Tell your teacher that you didn't make your homework because you were too busy watching TV.
  • Walk in front of the classroom projector every now and then for no apparent reason.
  • Polish your gun in class. (Wait...what?!)
  • Show up late...very, very late.
  • Without raising your hands, shout-out the answers to your teacher's questions.
  • Chew gum while talking to your teacher in class. Bonus points if you manage to blow it up and pop it.
  • Laugh-out-loud for no reason at all.
  • Wear sunglasses in class even if there's no real reason behind it.
  • Read as loud as you can during silent reading time.
  • Switch seats with your classmates every now and then.
  • Ask your teachers about their private lives.
  • Burp the alphabet in class.
  • If you're a girl, bring-out your make-up kit in class and do your thing.
  • Tap your pencil/pen on your table repeatedly.
  • Out of the blue, say "You're fired!" to your teacher.
  • Turn on "Flash" on your camera and snap a picture of your teacher while he/she is discussing something serious.
  • Turn your homework into a paper plane and throw it at your teacher's desk…or face.
  • Dribble your basketball in class.
  • Whip out a full-course meal while your teacher is discussing.
  • Talk to yourself during an exam.
  • Groom yourself while the teacher is discussing something important.
  • Shout-out "Yessss!!!" whenever you accomplish something.
  • Drink lots of water in front of the teacher and say you gotta pee.
  • Walk out from class for no apparent reason.
  • Create animal shadows with your hands while the teacher's presenting something with the class projector.
  • Bring your binoculars and stare at your teacher through it during class.
  • Scratch your nails on the blackboard.
  • Bring your pet to class.
  • Do the "Charlie Charlie" challenge in class.
  • Clear your throat every 30 seconds.
  • Ask for permission to go to the restroom and never come back!

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