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You Trust Me With Doing Laundry— It Is Not My Fault!

Misbah has a good sense of humor and enjoys writing about funny events and situations.

Laundry is fun! Wait — Really?

Laundry is fun! Wait — Really?

Doing laundry is always fun. Place the clothes in the washing machine (forget about checking the pockets; it's too nosy activity); add the detergent and a small amount of fabric softener. Turn on the washing machine, sit on the terrace, and slowly sip those sweet little sips of coffee. Ohhhhhhh, a beautiful sunny day. Look around at what the neighbors are doing, especially that lady with the broom.

The guy in the front is trying to clean the glass window; why can't he understand that he can only clean the glass — removing those scratches is impossible; Oh God, I see him doing this every day. I might tell him about this someday. Let's forget about the surroundings now; take out the phone and check what's going on online instead! Wow! She published another article. I enjoy reading her writing.

Reading, reading, reading...Wait, what's that noise? You walk towards the washing machine and realize you are the luckiest person on the planet. Some coins, possibly a euro or two, are making their way around with the clothes...

Oh! I can't just explain in words that moment of happiness when you find your own money from your old jeans or the washing machine after the wash; It's such a rewarding feeling that I have no words to explain the feeling of this pleasure :P

Have you ever felt that? I am pretty sure you had. If you do laundry at your home, you must have washed a few dollars, and if you say no, you are exceptional; let me tell you, I value you and want to meet you in person. I actually would love to get some tips on that — other than I must check the pockets. I won't, and I can't do that anyway. No one on earth can make me do this. Period!

You won't believe it if I tell you what and how many things I have washed in the washing machine with all those beautiful and comfy clothes.

I have washed a lot of money in the washing machine. I never mind doing that because there is no harm, you know. The coins always come out safe and shinier than ever before; if they are notes, they are also safe; just press them with iron. And voila! They are fresh and crispy again. I absolutely love them that way! ;)

About seven months ago, my brother kindly asked me if I could change his bedsheet. I said yes, and did! Have you found any mistakes? No! Of course, there are no pockets on the bedsheet, so there's no risk of me washing his money. Well, I did wash something you can never imagine.

How do you get the bed sheet off the bed? Do you pull it, roll it up, or do it gently? I enjoy rolling and pulling it up and don't care about being a little uncivilized. Ha!

So I rolled up the bedsheet without realizing a TV controller was in there. How could this be my fault if I wasn't even aware of it? Do you agree?

After about 20 minutes of putting the bedsheet in the machine, I noticed something strange; I actually checked everything around me and nearly imagined if there were some ghosts or spirits around me teasing me by switching channels and apps from Youtube to Netflix and then Amazon Prime, what's going on?

I nearly looked everywhere for the remote, and as you know, I wrapped it in a bedsheet and tossed it in the washing machine.

However, after a few minutes, I heard a noise from the washing machine and realized it was spinning inside. But luck! It now has to be washed for 75 minutes in hot water as I can't open the machine. After all, the lock on my machine does not unlock while the machine is in the washing process.

Even though it was not my fault, I felt sorry for my brother, his TV, and the remote. But who really left that remote on the bed and asked me to take off the sheet? Hmm, you see! I know you all have realized by now that it wasn't my fault, but explaining it to my family is incredibly hard.

After that incident, everyone in the family became more cautious and started to check their pockets before putting their clothes in the laundry basket. Good! They should do it.

But then, after some time had passed and they had regained their trust in me, I broke it again... Eh! That was never my intention at all. It just happened naturally!

You may be thinking about what I did this time. So I washed my brother's passport. You may be wondering if I have some problem with my brother because I continually wash his stuff, but let me clear up myself here; I have washed enough of my things as well.

Passport? How? He visited London about four months ago, and when he returned, he was wearing trousers and forgot to take his passport out of his pocket. I put his trousers in the washing machine with the rest of the clothes. This time it didn't even make a sound, so how would I know if I had done something wrong? And by the way, I would have broken the machine to rescue his passport; I love him so much.

When I found his passport after the wash, it was like a moist tiny notebook type of a thing, and everything became as clear as crystal, white pages, you know! — I did feel bad, I mean very bad!

Just a week ago, I washed my father's AirPods, which was also not my fault because they were in his pants pocket. This time, I was aware of the noise but ignored it. I knew something was inside again, but why worry when I couldn't unlock it while the machine was in the process? — So, I thought I should let it happen peacefully.

The AirPods are now making a cheeewww cheeewww noise, but they are still connecting to papa's iPhone. I'm hoping that the technician can fix them. It is now up to Dad to make time out of his busy schedule to take the pods to the technician. I guess I've already done my part. Phew!

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