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Comeback Lines For When Someone Says "You Talk Too Much!"


You Have Every Right To Speak Your Mind!

Here are some funny, witty comeback lines for when someone tells you that you talk too much.

Yes, I talk a lot - laugh a lot, cry a lot - it all evens out!

Yes, I do - I put my money where my mouth is!

Yes I do, it's my Religion.

Only when I'm bored.

Only when there's no music to dance to!

Only in the company of someone who doesn’t listen!

Yes I never stop - I'm powered by long life-batteries!

Yes, so much to say and so little time!

Yes, I'm sorry, it's hereditary!

Yes I do - tune into my station!

Yes I do - I'm female!

Yes, as much as I can - without losing my breath!

Well, you hardly say a word.

And can you even make a proper sentence?

Yeah, I'm into meaningful nonsense!

Yeah - it's a new way to practice my English!

Yeah! I talk the talk, and I walk the walk!

Uh, Okay. Which words aren't necessary to you?

Maybe, but I also enjoy some action!

I'm practicing for the Chatter Olympics!

I'm making up for your silence!

...And in your next breath you'll say I'm too quiet...Make up your mind will ya!

OK, sorry. I'll remove you from my speed-dial!

Do you have a problem with conversation?

Oh right, I forgot you can't listen!

Umm. Well, do you have a suggestion for what else I should be doing with my mouth?

Yes I do, and I miss the days when I you spoke back too, and we had an actual two-way conversation!

Yes I probably do talk too much, when compared to a rock.

That's because I find it really easy to put my feelings into words.

Yes because I'm trying to make up for all the things you don't say.


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