Witches These Days

Updated on June 10, 2018

The Treachery

Being a witch these days is very difficult. People drink the "haterade" like it is on sale. Yes, three hundred years ago I would have been burned at the stake. But, as a child I suffered through the Wizard of Oz. It killed my inner witch. People do not understand how hard that is. I only had three drinks when I fell off my broomstick and was arrested for "flying under the influence". It was humiliating. I was driven to it after years of bullying on Facebook when other people would get on repeated hate groups like "Witches These Days", "Somebody Please Tell This Witch Nobody likes Her", "Are Witches ever Embarrassed about Their Behavior, They Should Be.", etc. It is such a blow to our self esteem. People just don't understand it. There is even this thing called "Resting Witch Face". I mean do these people absolutely hate us?

No Regard What so ever

I thought that we had gotten past this. You'd think that advancements were made in society since the time we were hunted down and burned at the stake. However, these haters have taken bullying us to all new levels. Then, there is this thing called "Crazy Old Lady with the Cats". Our cats are our familiars. We are not crazy. We are just high spirited. Also, cats hate water and so do we because in water we melt. It is very upsetting to see all these places like aquariums and pools that constitute a danger to our health and our well being as witches. One drop of any of that water and we are crippled. It is very disturbing, that is people's blatant disregard for our ability to exist without melting into a pool in the middle of a sidewalk. What are we coming to?

Resting Witch Face

Considering how hard our lives are and how hard it is to be a witch, these people coined the term "Resting Witch Face" because our facial expressions can represent anger at how we are treated. For example, as in the Wizard of Oz, how would it make you feel if someone just dropped a house on your sister? How would you feel if people were trying to hunt you down and burn you at the stake for centuries before coming out with death chambers for us that they refer to as "swimming pools"? Don't you think you would be a little disgruntled?


People really do have a choice out there. They can keep up their death chambers that they call swimming pools, their hate groups like "Witches These Days", their issues with high spirited Witches whom they call "Crazy old Lady with the Cat" or they can just let us live our lives in peace without all of their hatred. Yes, we are slightly past the times in which we were burned at the stake. However, we are still persecuted by these hate filled people. Be a decent person, respect witches.

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