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What Does 'God Bless,' 'Bless You,' And 'Proud of You, Man,' Really Mean?

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Using God bless you and the others in this hub are great to use,but in moderation.

Using God bless you and the others in this hub are great to use,but in moderation.

This Revelation Hit Me Like

an Alabama freight train rolling toward Texas. When I woke up it was evening. But I did come back with something very important as well as needed. I realized that it took a runaway freight train almost hittng me to teach me the real meaning of a two-word phrase that we all say day in and day out, and especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Seemingly we go out of our way to just say these two words, God bless. Or we can modify the phrase and really sound humble when we say, God bless you, and smile a smile that rivals the sunbeams.

To be one-hundred percent transparent, there is absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever with these two terms. Actually, they sound very nice to hurting ears and hearts. I have been the receiver and giver of both these terms, so I am familiar with the two.

Yes, I have also stood by to watch people in and out of a church service and hear the, God bless, and bless you really mean? The obvious answer: We know that God is all-powerful and is our Maker, so if He is joined into the 'bless you,' this phrase is further enhcnaced and prayed to be of great use for the receiver and giver. Even the 'Bless you,' can and does have the safe effect, but it requires something when you do not include God. What a shame.

Oops! State Trooper Arrests a Speeder! What do I Say?

A God bless you is not needed in this case, but a God help you is okay.

A God bless you is not needed in this case, but a God help you is okay.

Now Let us Look at

the many occasions and events where God bless you and bless you can, will, and are used to the brim with this sweet sound that does sound great and many times, sound like you are the recipient of God's blessings--which you are unless you are not listening. I do know from studying these phrases that God 'does' bless those of us (me included) who do not hear the 'bless you' as well as when we do. So we made it on base with that one.

⦁ Sporting Events -- such as the Super Bowl. I am not a gamber, but I wonder just how many Tom Brady fans tried to run-up after his (and the Buccaneers') victory only to yell, God bless you! Or bless you, so loud that the phrases became to girbled and twisted that Brady's sensitive ears were confused. Even deaf. So the fans who yelled these things left upset for Tom not showing that he did hear them congratulate him.

⦁ Weddings -- ran a hot race with the Super Bowl because at this specal event, the crowds are big, but not so big that the bride and groom's family and friends can hear clearly what thir fans and loved ones yell to high Heaven. Oh, Marvin, God bless you! See how by adding the groom's name that made it more personal? And of course, the Oh, sweet Mildred, God bless you. Sweet, personal, and fast. Great for any wedding. And these wishes are not used only at weddings, but birhs and birthdays as well. But with anniversaries, you best check on the couple's behavior to make sure (the) God bless and bless you do not cause a family feud..

⦁ When a Waitress -- brings your pizza, sure! Do no be bashful. Just tell him or her in a polite tone, God bless you or bless you and smile. It will mean so much for these service workers who do not make big money. P.S.: and please add to your wish by leaving them a ten-or-twenty-dollar-billl on your table. It will certainly not hurt.

Places Where God Bless You and Bless You Aren't Needed

I used this section to prove that the nice wishes, although in your heart, is great to say, but not required:

⦁ A Baby's Birth -- is fine, but a great handshake or embrace to the new dad will suffice the wishes. Now we have a new wish to tell: Proud of you, man. This will work perfect for male-centered events. If you ever meet Tom Brady again, and in a pizza restaurant, the 'proud of you, man,' is perfect. Remember this.

⦁ When a Cigarette Smoker or Boozer -- finally quits, step in, pat him or her on the back and say, very proud of you, smile and walk away. The now-non-smoker and alcohol guzzler will remember how supportive that you were. You might want to tell them a time or time or two after the initial congratulations just in case that they are tempted to smoke and drink again, but with your support, they will make it.

⦁ A State Trooper -- is fine to be told, proud of you, man, or God bless you, for catching a speeder who is endangering my life and yours or the same man or woman in the item above who has given-in to temptation. But never and I mean never, say, boooooo, hissss, in the man or woman's presence. Then you have caused them more harm than good.

To save space, I am including a few more people and jobs where 'God bless you,' 'Bless you,' and 'Proud of you, man,' does not work.

⦁ Armed robbers

⦁ Terrorists (but a God help) would not be out of order.

⦁ Loud, vulgar neighbors who have no respect for their friends.

⦁ Politicians who swear that your taxes will not be raised when they are elected and one they are in office . . .bam! You guessed it. He or she lied to you.
And in this case and possibly more, no amount of 'God bless, you,' 'Bless you,' 'God help,' and 'Proud of you, man (or woman,' will work. Just be sensible when you start to bless or wish someone congratulations for doing something good.

Sorry. "God bless you, friends," for reading this and all of my hubs.

"I'm proud of you, man and woman!" And "God help you," to read my pieces and those of my fellow hubbers."

You can say, "God bless you for being so pretty," because she is pretty and obviously doesn't need our help.

You can say, "God bless you for being so pretty," because she is pretty and obviously doesn't need our help.

Solemn Summary

as you and I have come to realize, when you deal with language and its useage, things can get sticky if you're not careful. So in order to be completely-honest, I am going to add a last item that does have a note of controversy in its design, but I mean no harm.

Can one overdo the terms, "God bless," "Bless you," and "Proud of you, man?"

Sure. Pretty much anything said or imagined can be considered stagnant from the lengthy time that these phrases have been used. I admit that I am guilty as anyone for letting these wishes roll off my lips. For the overuse, I apologize. I feel much better now.

February 14, 2021, I hope that You All had a Happy Valentines Day

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