Weird Experiences Designers and Artists Have Faced

Updated on August 18, 2018

A moment of silence for frustrated designers

A poor stock-photo man wishing to hit his client in the head with a hammer. Virtually, of course.
A poor stock-photo man wishing to hit his client in the head with a hammer. Virtually, of course.

Shiver Fetish Commission

“Alright. So let's talk about when I got my first ever commission. This was on deviantart, and I charged 10 points her piece (10 cents) because I didn't know how charging worked. So this person noted me, and said ’hi i would like a commission‘ and it was the weirdest thing ever.

They had a 'freezing' fetish. they liked watching people shiver and stuff. like okay that's weird, but they wanted a character that I had drawn, shivering. Now, this character wasn't even a character. It was a horrible drawing I had done over a year ago and was one of the worst drawings. It had no favourites and was just overall boring and horrible. And he wanted her shivering.

Still to this day, the weirdest thing I have been asked to draw.”

Now that’s what I call a “what the hell” situation. This is why you stay off deviantart, kids.

The “I hate it” type of people.

Alright. This story was shared mainly in dialogue, but it will be shaped up a little to fit it nicely into this article.

“One day while browsing around discord I came upon a person who wanted a cover for their computer. They gave me very rough ideas, and like the idiot I am, I had asked them for payment later. The requester told me they‘d love whatever I would make. Shocker–of course they didn’t love it. Don’t accept requests like that, word of advice.

A few hours and a large dose of inspiration after, I had finished my request. This was a cover I was quite proud of if I’m honest.

After I showed the cover to the requester, he stated that he absolutely hated it. I asked him what he’d like fixed (it’s not rare that someone wants something changed) and I had gotten no reply.

Finally after weeks, the guy had messaged me back asking what I would like in return. I gave him my paypal and my average price for a request like this. He demanded that he’d pay either in bitcoin or buy something for me. If it had to be via PayPal, he would pay no more than 3 US dollars, rambling off about how the job I’m doing is not a “real” job and I don’t deserve money.

I then later found out he was the same dude who used to tell me my drawings were hot and sexy. I’m not sure if I should find that as a compliment.”

I just want to let you guys know that the amount of screenshots this girl sent is ridiculous. Unfortunately I cannot share all of them and I cannot share just how crazy this story was in such a small text space.

Advice: do not accept vague requests and always state payment beforehand.

What the...

Being asked to draw dead children, humanoid cats and Nikki Minaj as a sexy werewolf. Must I say more?

You, ma’am, have some very odd requests.

Great Advice

After hearing these stories, it’s great to give a few pointers.

  1. avoid deviantart
  2. do not accept vague requests
  3. share payment beforehand
  4. Do not feel bad for requesters

In summary, just completely avoid the internet.

Now, a great word of advice from my lovely friend—

Don’t let your heart get in the way of business. The moment you say “oh, they broke this rule but I feel bad” is the moment where you allow those bad people in. You let one through, you let them all. Stick to your own rules. If anyone breaks those rules, make them leave. They’ll get over it and you can avoid a whole ocean of design drama. Think of your designs as a gift to everyone. Only the people that you think deserve it should get those designs. They make you uncomfortable or break your rules? You need to push them out for the sake of your business and sanity.

If you’d like to hear weird art story, I recommend GetMadz on YouTube. He created a hilarious animation titled “How I fell for a $500 Dollar scam.”

Now tell me...

Have you ever experienced a weird request?

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