Losing Weight: Whose Scales To Trust

Updated on January 6, 2019
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I'm a writer, artist, designer, and composer. I have a B.A. in Theater and an M.A. in Creative Writing, both from Hollins University.

Weighing Every Day

I weigh myself every morning. I think I'm fairly typical in this regard, at least among women. When I'm trying to lose weight, I write down my weight every day in a notebook. That helps me stay on track. Some women are utterly disdainful of my methods. I can tell they think I'm shallow. Or obsessive. Or both.

They offer inspirational quotes, indicating that wise, spiritually-minded, deep people are too busy focusing on high-minded, philosophical things to deign to weigh themselves, much less keep track of their weight in shallow-minded notebooks. Fortunately, I don't care what other people think about my weighing habits as long as I can keep those pounds off.

Other People's Scales

When I go visiting, I always weigh myself on the scales of my hosts. And here's a puzzling thing. My friends' and my family members’ scales always weigh higher than my scales at home.

This is downright annoying.

I'm never sure what to think. Should I be a pessimist and assume their scales are right and mine are wrong? Or an optimist and assume the opposite?

Another odd thing is that nobody's scales, as far as I can tell, match anyone else's. The only constant is that everyone says that at the doctor's office, they weigh ten pounds more than they do at home.

What I wish I could do is just stay off other people's scales. After all, if I fit into my thin clothes, isn't that what matters?

Like most women past the age of thirty-five, I have three sets of clothes--thin clothes, slightly-overweight clothes and mega clothes.

Three Sets Of Clothes

Like most women past the age of thirty-five, I have three sets of clothes--thin clothes, slightly-overweight clothes and mega clothes.

Actually, most women only have two sets because they get rid of the mega clothes the minute they lose enough weight to fit into the slightly-overweight clothes. I used to toss those mega clothes myself, with a cheerful, "Well, I won't be needing you any more!" The only problem is that when and if you put the weight back on, you have to go out and buy more mega clothes, and that's mega depressing.

Like everyone else, I used to keep stuffing my bulges into the slightly-overweight clothes for as long as possible, no matter how uncomfortably they fit, rather than go out and buy new mega clothes when I knew, I just knew I was going to lose those pounds soon.

I don't know what happened to my optimism, but now I'm holding onto my mega clothes, even though I'm finally, finally, oh, dear God, finally, slimming back into my thin clothes. I went through a mega phase not too many years ago and I guess I still haven't recovered my confidence.

Oversize Stores

Some bad stuff happened that led me to eat lots and lots of ice cream. Somehow I just couldn't get enough ice cream. Soon I felt like a blimp. It was totally demoralizing.

Next thing you know I'm shopping for clothes at one of those oversize stores. I cannot tell you how traumatic it was to walk through the entrance of the store. But, once inside, it was great. Everything either fit or was too big. Yippee! Even in my mega phase, I was at the bottom end of the oversized clothes.


Fortunately, I discovered a radical new diet technique: eat less and exercise more. It took months to get down to my thin size, then I edged back up to slightly overweight. Now I'm edging back down to thin again.

Still, the question remains: whose scales are right?

I think the answer is obvious: mine.

How many sizes?

Have you kept favorite outfits in 2 (or more) sizes, just in case you lose or gain weight?

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See No Food, Eat No Food?

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