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Top Ten Relationship Advice Tips From An Absolute Amateur: I Am No Expert On This

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Top Ten Relationship Advice Tips From An Absolute Amateur. I Am No Expert On This.

Top Ten Relationship Advice Tips From An Absolute Amateur. I Am No Expert On This.

Note: This relationship advice is for general audiences. Nothing too scandalous.

  • Pick one guy and focus on him. Do not try to date multiple guys at once. Ladies were not cut out to be juggling all of that.

1. Be nice, kind, considerate, polite and calm.

2. Don’t be shy

Sometimes we nice ones are shy but it would be best to not be so shy. Speak openly, speak your mind and show affection. Be authentic, genuine and sincere. Do not put on an act. You need to be loved for who you truly are.

3. Ask questions

Ask lots of questions to get to know him well and answer questions too. If you see an annoyed look start to come across his face as if you are asking too many questions, then and only then should you stop asking questions.

Let conversation flow freely, be a good conversationalist. Try to have phone conversations and face to face meetings more frequently than texting or emailing.

4. Don’t let go

Go in for the hug and don’t let go until he lets go. This might end up being a really long hug, but it is ok. Not awkward at all. And not corny either. It will feel really good.

5. Eye contact

Eye contact, eye contact and more eye contact. Don’t look away until he looks away. (Not sure about this one. Too creepy? What do you think?)

6. Find a reason to hold his hand

Take his hand in yours and hold it while you’re talking. Hold it while you’re walking. Hold his hand.

7. Give lots of kisses

8. Give a proper gift from time to time.

When you learn about the various things that he might like or dislike and you were a great listener during your conversations, you can try to remember what some of his favorite things are and give something as a gift to him on a special occasion such as his birthday.

9. Cook for him.

You will find that certain foods are also his favorite ones to eat. You can cook those for him most often.

10. Avoid getting angry.

As the relationship grows closer, you might become pretty inseparable and this is when boundaries can come down and more disrespect might occur.

Try not to get mad at him about various things. Try not to argue. I especially need to follow this tip, myself. I told you I am no expert on this. I am still learning all the time.

Good luck. Cheers!


Cold Hearted – A Poem

I rubbed my hand

on his chest

as if I was trying

to melt

his cold, cold heart.

Tall, dark and handsome,

he looked down at me,

as if he was wondering,

“What is she doing?”

I stopped myself,


“What am I doing?”

The voice in my head

was saying

“Well, my friend,

he has really got you

going over the deep end.

Get it together!

Consider the coldness

to come from the weather.

Get a blanket and warm

yourself up.

Make some tea

and pour yourself

a cup.

There is nothing more

that you can do

at this time.

All you can do

Is keep writing

your rhyme.

If he wants to warm

his cold heart to you,

it is up to him.

You always knew.”


In numerous ways, being with him

relieved my stress.

Now that he is gone,

I have been a “hot mess”.

Highly strung

and tightly wound

with anxiety.

I wish that he would come back home

and massage me.


When the people

that love you

hear what he did,

they will be even

more mad at him

than you are.

They will say

that he went

too far.

Defend him

(defend his honor when people that are close to you are talking negatively about him. It can very well be negative impressions that they got from something that you, yourself once said about him when you were venting.)

Keep focusing

on the love.

Love intentionally.

Focus on the love.

Go all in.

Give your whole heart.

It is like an art form

That goes way beyond

the norm.


If deemed necessary,

move for him / (be willing to relocate within reason and proper feasibility.)

to be more near to him.

Forgive him

Truly forgive him (without harboring deep seated resentment)

Forgive him again.

The End.

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH

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