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The Mighty Guard Dog: The Pug

The Mighty Pug


With crime being on the rise, people are looking for good guard dogs. This blog contains "tongue and cheek" observations of our beloved Pugs. A breed that makes a very good and ferocious guard dog is the Pug. This breed is very closely related to the Mastiff. It is a very ferocious, brave, courageous, and tough dog. With natural born instincts the Pug is very gangster like and has streetwise capabilities that would make any foe or intruder turn in the other direction and run for fear of their lives..


The Pug is very physically fit, large, and muscular. The Pug runs at the speed of a cheetah and has the muscle build of an ox. It is very physically active and is rarely seen laying around on the couch and not doing a whole lot of physical activity. The Pug is obviously the Michael Jordan of dogs, or the Alpha dog.

The Pugs is very ferocious looking and would scare away any intruder just by physical appearance alone. It's huge size, muscular build, and extremely aggressive nature would send any burglar or criminal running in fear of their lives. Even whispering the name of the Pug sends shivers up the spines of even the most sinister individuals. This is truly the ferocious and mighty warrior dog everyone needs.


The bark of the Pug is like the roar of a lion echoing through the plains The ferocious and mighty bark alone would leave someone so terrified that they would not attempt going anywhere near the dog or the inhabitants of the home it occupies. It is a very loud, stern, and powerful bark that lets everyone know the pug is king and no one should or would ever dare mess with the mighty Pug.


The Pug did not chose the Pug life. The Pug life chose the Pug, as he or she chases away gangsters and other unscrupulous individuals with its natural inborn instincts that make the mighty warrior dog very street wise and a foe anyone would not go up against. Once someone whispers the name of the Pug on the streets, people know their place.


The Pug's genetics come from its long line of warrior dogs. The very snore of the pug makes anyone run for cover fearing the ferociousness of the dog and its very nature as a true and mighty warrior of a dog. Any time any other dogs see a Pug they know not to mess with the mighty warrior for fear of their lives. The Pug is in essence the very nature of a brave, courageous, and mighty warrior that will stand between you and any foe that comes up against you as it is a mighty and courageous guard dog. The idea that the Pug would run in between your legs and hide or just flat out sit on the intruder and expect to be petted or get in the way and trip the intruder are not even on the horizon of the great and vast mind of the Pug that is plotting your enemy's destruction through absolutely menacing means. The Pug is absolutely fearless. The animal is regal and majestic as it sits on its throne in between the time the mighty guard spends protecting his or her territory and loved ones. No one would dare mess with this dog.


The video below demonstrates a vicious attack of this mighty and ferocious dog. You may want to get kids out of the room before watching this as the mighty and ferocious Pug attacks the unsuspecting person Like anything pertaining to the man eating warrior of a dog viewer discretion and caution is advised.

In conclusion, the mighty, ferocious, warrior dog, the Pug should be both revered and feared as the brave and courageous warrior he or she is. As we live side by side with the Pug we shall not doubt his or her mighty capabilities at fighting crime, defending their families, or just being the flat gangster and mighty warrior that the Pug naturally is. Due to the aggressive and warrior like nature of the Pug this breeds of dog would make an excellent guard dog in our modern time and era as with in any throughout all of history. No one dares to mess with the Pug.


Jim Henderson from Hattiesburg, Mississippi on May 05, 2020:

Well, you just put all the Dobermans and German Shepherds out of job. Now they won't be able to find work, meanwhile the Pug will put terror in the heart of intruders. Who knew the snore of the pug could induce such fear and cowering!

Thanks for sharing. I have to go now and break the news to my Great Dane that she is now unemployed!

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