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Centipede Joke: It Will Make You Laugh out Loud

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Have you heard the joke about the centipede?

The Centipede Joke
There is a story about a lonely man who wanted a useful pet to keep him company. He goes to the pet store hoping to find a pet that would not be much trouble to maintain. The pet store owner is very helpful. So describes several pets for the man to consider. Then he remembers that not only would this pet be good company for the man, but it would be useful around the house as well.

The owner insists that a centipede was the most useful pet. He says the centipede could do laundry, vacuum, mop the floor, cook, wash dishes, and clean the entire house in a matter of minutes. Being convinced, the man buys the centipede, takes it home, and soon discovers that everything the pet store owner said was true.

He gives the centipede several tasks. It vacuums the entire living room in one minute, mops the kitchen floor in 30 seconds, cooks dinner in one minute, washes the dishes in 30 seconds, and cleans the entire house from top to bottom in only three minutes. The centipede does a week's worth of laundry, folds the clothes, and puts them away in less than two minutes. The man knew he had hit the jackpot by purchasing the centipede.

Since the man dreaded grocery shopping, he gives the centipede a list and sends him to the corner store expecting him to be back in a few minutes.

The man marvels at his clean house. He sits down to wait for the return of the centipede. However, he waits and waits and waits. The centipede does not return. Thinking something might have happened on the way to or from the store, the man opens the front door and sees the centipede sitting on the steps. The man yells, "I sent you to the corner grocery store five hours ago. Why are you still sitting here on the steps?"

A Centipede

A Centipede

The Centipede Responds

"I'm going! "I'm going!" the centipede exclaims.

"I'm going as soon as I finish tying up my shoes!"

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