Spiders Have Feelings

Updated on December 9, 2017

Traumatizing Spiders

The epidemic in America and all over the world is becoming very alarming. People have absolute disregard and nothing but disrespect for the raw emotions of spiders. One hears about people going crazy and throwing books at spiders, stepping on them (stomping on them really), using blow torches on them, and even using guns as a means of shooting poor innocent little spiders. Spiders have emotions and can be extremely psychologically damaged by such violence and vicious acts of trying to wipe their species off the Earth. Just consider this, how would it make you feel if you saw someone step on your own mother? Well how do you think that made the baby spider feel when he or she saw such a terrifying and sadistic act? Spiders can suffer severe trauma as humans make repeated attempts to hunt them down and kill them.

Actual Footage of Child Spider

Spider Support

People disregard spiders and try to kill them any way that they can. You don't know who will do it. They look like very nice people until they see a spider. Then, the person becomes like a shark in an eating frenzy and tries to take the spider out any way that he can with complete disregard for the emotional, physical, and psychological well being of the spider and his or her family as a whole. The spider ends up with severe post traumatic stress disorder and emotional scars that will never go away. People are just totally unaware of how much harm is done to the poor spider. The epidemic is getting out of control. We have to become more aware of the feelings of spiders and try to help them get into spider therapy and spider support groups to help their species.

If you see someone stepping on or being mean to a spider please realize that you are not alone. That this is an epidemic and it often gets ignored and overlooked because of people's blatant disregard and ignorance to the delicate sensitivities and emotional well being of spiders. We must realize that the spider needs to get into therapy and a support group to deal with the emotional trauma some senseless human being has inflicted upon him for what appears to be an absolute menacing hatred of spiders as a whole. We must end the violence. We must end the suffering of our dear spider friends. We must practice embracing our differences and loving the spider like good concerned citizens.

Save the Spiders

Showing concern and support for our spider friends is not just how to behave like a decent human being, it takes courage. As many people turn into complete enraged demons at the sight of a spider, we must remain vigilant and defend the spiders with all we have. If we do not do this they will end up exactly like our other neighbors, the earthworms and end up dangling from some fisherman's pole ready to be eaten by some fish. We cannot let this happen. If you see a spider let him or her know that you are there for them and try and help him get into either drug rehab or whatever support group they need to deal with the trauma you know they have suffered as being a spider. Be a decent person, save the spiders.

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      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 

        13 months ago from Queensland Australia

        Ezria, this was such a fun read. You actually made me feel sorry for spiders and guilty about any I have killed in the past. From now on I will look at them all in a different light. If they don't hurt me I won't hurt them.


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