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Poems About Poop! Aka...Poo-Ems!

Sandra is an artist and stay at home mom. In the last couple years she has started to use her creativity writing poems about poop.

How do you doo doo?

Artwork was created by Sandra Holt

Artwork was created by Sandra Holt

Poop, No Introduction Needed!

Let me introduce you to my poems about poop.

It began as a joke, that is the scoop.

I've provided some reading for your bathroom enjoyment,

and when you are finished,

Please flush the toilet.

Another Name for Poop

Poop is a rather disgusting word.

You might prefer to call it a turd.

I'm really not sure that sounds any better.

I wish I could describe it with only one letter.

Of course we know "P" is already taken,

for another bodily function we are all making.

So I guess I'll stick with poop to describe what I mean,

and when you are done pooping wash your hands to stay clean.

© 2018 Sandra Holt

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