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Microsoft Found Problems with My Brain


Microsoft connected to my brain through the internet and found problems.

As a technician over the years, I’ve heard scores of grievances uttered by gadget sufferers — most phrasing obscure. The above quote takes the cake, however.

What did the person mean when they said that? After listening for a few moments, it started to become clear. They were talking about the CPU in the computer — a chip that handles commands passed to it from the operating system, e.g., Microsoft Windows.

I suppose it’s an accurate statement to say Microsoft connected to their brain. The CPU is referred to as the “brain” of a computer from time to time. My guess is they unknowingly heard the term from somewhere.

Honestly, I like the phrase. I’m inclined to tell how Google tech-support is providing me cardiograms via the internet — for a low monthly payment.

© 2022 Dan Martino

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