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Should the Toilet Seat be Left Up or Down?

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My Workplace Bathroom Disaster

Wednesdays, ughh my most dreaded day of the work week... Wednesday is the day I find myself the ONLY female in the workplace. The testosterone levels in the air can stick to you, the different thought patterns, man humour, the conversations and yes the dreaded bathroom etiquette. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with my male counterparts, but Wednesdays, oh Wednesdays, I think I need them off.

In the last 6 weeks, I have now fallen in the toilet twice on a Wednesday. Thankfully I have a good sense of humour, but this last experience deserves to be shared in the hopes that we can all have a good laugh, and that we can also agree, it's time to teach our sons that it's good manners to put the toilet seat down. Here's my story.

I operate a local pizza store. We are busy! Its fantastic, great pizza, great products, exceptional service, amazing customers and we absolutely pride ourselves on our service times; sometimes even at the expense of having to hold it when the great urge to go calls! This particular Wednesday though proved to be a little much.

It's 4:30 pm, the phones start ringing, customers fill the lobby, pizzas are flying out of the oven, and to my surprise, our dinner rush has come in strong and early. I feel a slight urge to relieve myself, however, its gonna have to wait. My co-worker and I are rocking it like a fined tuned dance! The dough is being tossed, toppings are landing perfectly on the pizzas and flying into the ovens in record times! Customers are happy and every pizza is going out of the store within 10 minutes. It's magical, we are in the groove... except this tiny urge to go is growing and growing. My mom bladder is starting to scream inside me, but there is no time to go, I can't break the dance, I got this. I'm holding it. Pie after Pie, customer after customer, 3 HOURS LATER the order board is clear, we did it and finally it's time to go pee!

Like a waterfall waiting to burst from my bladder, I announce "I'm running to the washroom, I'll be right back", and I run! Phew, I reach the door, run inside, I turn around locking the door with one hand and pulling down my pants with the other, falling backward onto the toilet. Feeling the waterfall exploding out of me as it knows it can finally be relieved and it happens... WHOOSH that feeling of it finally coming out of me is met with every woman's greatest fear. I just fell in the toilet, the WOOSH was the water splashing my butt, AND I already had a waterfall stream coming out of me, so I also fell in my own pee! SHOCKED I jumped up, but it was too late, I should have done some kegel exercises this week, this mom bladder waterfall was not having it, as I jumped up I couldn't even stop the flow fast enough, I had held it too long! OMG!! I peed on the bowl and I ended up peeing on my own pants. Now I'm panicking, crouching awkwardly over the bowl to let this never-ending waterfall flow from my bowels, not fall in, and not make a bigger mess than I already had. Uggh Wednesdays, how I loathe you.

Finally, the stream stops. I stand up, PUT THE TOILET SEAT DOWN, I clean the toilet bowl rim and my pants with some soap and water, I thank GOD they are black and think to myself, hopefully, no one will notice the wet spot. I wash my hands and I head back out to the work floor as if nothing ever happened. In my mind I'm willing the next hour to fly by so I can go home and get changed and cleaned up. An hour later I say goodbye to my male co-workers and I head home. Wednesday, I'm so glad you are over.


5 Reasons the Toilet Seat Should be Put Down

If my personal story is not enough to convince you it's good manners to leave the toilet seat down, here are 5 more reasons to consider.

  1. It's more sanitary. Men should put the seat down in fact, before they flush. The flush of the toilet. sprays nasty germs into the air. The toilet seat actually prevents you from being sprayed by many of those nasty germs. Think about it.
  2. Courtesy. You are already touching the toilet seat. Why wouldn't you prevent your female counterparts from being exposed to the germs that you already have to touch?
  3. Gender equality. Guys, it can totally be equal. We will not make fun of you, or think any less of you if you want to sit down to go pee! That is total equality!
  4. Someone you love has fallen or will fall into the toilet. Do you really want that? I read once that we invest in the things we care about. I know personally that I am truly thankful in our home that the men leave the seat down for us ladies. Ladies talk, and we do brag about our considerate husbands. Give the woman in your life that gift! It may seem small to you, but we really do appreciate it!
  5. You have a mother. Many mothers can struggle with bladder control, and when they have to go they have to go. Often in the middle of the night, nature calls, and it's a dark trip into the bathroom. If the seat is left up, chances are we won't even notice, and fall in. Everyone has a Mother. Be considerate. We give our bodies up to love and create every tiny human life that comes into this world. Make it a habit to leave the seat down, for the respect of all moms.
Do you love your mom enough to put the toilet seat down?

Do you love your mom enough to put the toilet seat down?

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