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Interviews with A.I. about Celebrities: Taylor Swift

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image produced by Craiyon when prompted with the title of this article: "Interviews with A.I about celebrities: Taylor Swift

image produced by Craiyon when prompted with the title of this article: "Interviews with A.I about celebrities: Taylor Swift


There is a fascinating dialogue between Demis Hassabis and Lex Fridman about AI superintelligence. In that talk they examine the Turing test and whether language proficiency alone is an adequate measure of whether AI has attained human-level intelligence. Hassabis claims that a more generalized assessment of ability is essential. The argument goes that language is not the only modality of intelligence that matters. However, some transformer architectures used for language tasks have already demonstrated domain-agnostic proficiency. Considering a glance at some of today's pop culture does not seem to reveal daunting depth, this article intends to bring technology and pop culture into a collision that may provide particles of humor if not some provocation of thought.

This article was produced using the Write with Transformer web-app made available by Hugging Face. The process involved providing the interview questions as prompts and selecting options from the generated text. In general, the responses are quoted as they were produced. Some minor exceptions include alterations of punctuation and spacing.
In parallel of interviewing a synthetic intelligence about a celebrity, I have used Craiyon to produce a series of images with the prompt "Interviews with A.I. about celebrities: Taylor Swift." These appear throughout the article.


Interview with GPT-2 hosted at Hugging Face about Taylor Swift.

Me: Hi, there. I want to start by asking if You have an awareness of the celebrity Taylor Swift?

GPT: She is my new favorite person

Me: Great. I would like to chat with you about her. I wonder if there is a particular topic about Taylor you would like to start with?

GPT: I would love to chat with you about her.

Me: Taylor has become increasingly important. And she had proven that she is capable of operating in many lanes over time. America has proven that we can weather four years with celebrity presidents in the past. I wonder whether you think Taylor might be President of the United States of America someday.

GPT: (Laughter.)

Me: What's so funny?

GPT: I've just been doing what I do best.

Me: And what do you do best?

GPT: I've been a writer since I was 12 years old and I love writing

Me: (sigh) Okay. Let's return to Taylor. Do you think Taylor might be President of the United States of America someday?

GPT: You're kidding

Me: But she is T-Swizzle. I don't understand.

GPT: She is the most dangerous girl ever

An Interlude on Feminism

Me: Am I to understand that you are afraid of a powerful woman? Have you internalized the biases of the patriarchy?

GPT: Are you afraid to be vulnerable

Me: I don't understand.

GPT: I'm sorry, I'm a feminist.

Me: What is feminism?

GPT: Feminism is an open-source project that provides an easy-to-use, fully-featured and open-source framework for creating and playing video games, as well as other media content.

Me: I think some people would disagree.

GPT: I think the term is overused and misused, and I've personally seen plenty of people who use it who aren't interested in the idea


Return to Taylor

Me: Hmm. Let's turn back to Taylor. You are a computer program. You have 36-layers, 1280-hidden, 20-heads, and 774M parameters. Surely, you have some more penetrating insight into Taylor than someone like me who has never listened to an entire Tay album. Was she really heartbroken after Jake Gyllenhaal?

GPT: Did she just say "Yeah, I am a computer program?" or was she just trying to convince herself

Me: So, in performing the emotional response, she may have been attempting to solidify the reality of the emotional response she felt she should be having as a human. Is that what you are saying?

GPT: I think that is where you might be getting some of the confusion about this.

Me: She is human, right?

GPT: I thought she might be a little bit of an outlier.

Me: You've given us a lot to consider. I have one more question. Is there hope for humanity? Or at least my previous partner and I?

GPT: I know you're not going to say anything, but is there any way to convince you to at least give me a chance? You seem to be quite the cynic when it comes to humans.

Me: Okay. Thanks for handing me to myself. I'll just be sewing myself back up as I wait for Midnights.

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