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A Hilarious Attempt to Identify the Next Crypto - HWN

I am a marketing professional holding a postgraduate degree in management. I am an active retail investor in Indian stock markets.

Nothing Serious About This

This article is purely for entertainment and does not have any educational value. We have taken utmost care to keep facts and logic away. Please excuse if logic rears its head unintentionally in a few places. As an unintended consequence, some of you may realise the intrinsic value of cryptocurrencies, but there is no guarantee you will.

If someone is a fan of cryptocurrencies, they are best advised to skip this article. We shall try to identify the next enormous opportunity after cryptocurrencies, but with scant regard for the feasibility of such a thing actually happening.

100 $ invested in 2010 was worth 6.6 million $ in 2021

100 $ invested in 2010 was worth 6.6 million $ in 2021

100 Dollars Invested in 2010

If you had invested $100 in Bitcoins in 2010, you would have picked up over 1100 Bitcoins (at a price of 9 cents). If you have you sold the same at $60,000 in 2021, you would have made over 6.6 million dollars. So 100 dollars invested in 2010 would have become 6.6 million dollars in 2021. How is that for a bounty?

Such astronomical returns are rare and it is important that we attempt to spot the next such big opportunity. Come, let us identify the next big opportunity.

Cryptocurrencies have been the rockstars since 2010

Cryptocurrencies have been the rockstars since 2010

What Made Cryptos Rock?

It is important that we understand the reasons Cryptos rocked before even attempting to identify the next big opportunity.

Here are the reasons that made cryptocurrencies a great investment.

1) The asset should have a mystical value but need not have any real value.

2) The credibility of the source is unimportant (do you know who founded Bitcoin?)

3) It should be tradable on a trading platform.

4) The blockchain technology is an important reason for its success. It facilitated very secure transactions and zero interference from Governments or central banks.

One of my friends tells me she often hears stories of cryptocurrencies being stolen by hackers and some government agencies being able to retrieve the same. She is asking me where is the question of security (since it can be stolen by hackers) and where is the question of zero interference from governments when their agencies can intervene at will. She is a non-believer of cryptos and so we should not respect her views. Cryptocurrency is the greatest investment option available to mankind and we must not allow logic or reason to diminish our blind faith in cryptos.

HWN will become the next rage for investors

HWN will become the next rage for investors

Unveiling The Next Big Thing

Without further ado, it is time to unveil the next big thing after cryptocurrencies. It is called the HWN. You heard me right. Let me explain what it is.

HWN is a short form of hand-written notes. In exactly 3 years from now (it will be 3 years from the time you read this article irrespective of when you do), a man from Chennai (by name Mohan) will scribble the names of a few cities on post-it notes. He will give away those notes to be traded on an exchange.

As per the understanding, he will write a city name only once and do only 200 city names in his lifetime. Each post-it note will be assigned a unique digital code using blockchain technology. Initially, Mohan will issue only 25 HWNs through the exchanges. These will be traded for a few cents in the initial phase before shooting up to thousands or even millions of dollars in value later.

Exponential Growth of HWNs

Though Mohan will not make much money in the first release of HWNs, his second release of 25 HWNs will fetch him $10000 per HWN. His third release of HWNs will be rumoured to be worth over a million dollars per HWN.

After seeing the grand success of HWNs, John from California, Samantha from London, Tom from France, Lee from Beijing and Moon from South Korea will also successfully launch their HWNs. Each one of them is a nobody today, but they will become celebrities after the launch of their respective HWNs.

There will be people trying to write the names of fruits or vegetables in HWNs. But the HWN loyalists will prefer the city names more than other forms of HWNs. The industry experts will treat the city names as the original or classical form of HWNs.

Moon, Tom and Mohan will be invited to speak at a seminar organised by the Global Economic Forum at Lunar Plaza. The members of the Global Economic Forum will propose to rename HWN as Written-Financial-Notes (WFN) so as to sound more professional. However, the World will not adapt to the new name given by GEF.

Seminar invite featuring HWN architects

Seminar invite featuring HWN architects

Criticism for HWNs

Many renowned investors will criticise HWNs as being worthless and relate this to Tulip mania. Some will question the worth a handwritten note can have. Fortunately, many YouTube investment gurus will successfully defend HWN as a reliable, safe and attractive investment.

You must check one such video that will be made in 4 years' time. I have done a bit of time travel to get you this video and I am sure you can never find such videos anywhere else.

Here are the reasons HWNs will do very well despite all the criticisms.

1) Limited supply - Only 200 HWNs will be allowed per person. But there will be no restrictions on how many people can issue HWNs. So, it is like cryptocurrencies in many aspects.

2) HWN is based on blockchain technology and will be as secure as cryptocurrencies. Please don't talk about hackers now. HWNs are secure, period. Did you all not agree that cryptocurrencies were secure?

3) Each HWN will have a mystical value but no real value, just like the cryptocurrencies.

4) HWNs are not currencies and so they can have astronomical valuations. BTW, how many of you know if cryptocurrency is a currency or not?

5) For those who say Mohan, Tom, Samantha, Lee and Moon are not credible faces, who is the face behind Bitcoin, anyway?

6) The value of any traded instrument will be based on demand and supply. As long as there are enough investors willing to pay a price, the traded instrument will appreciate in value. This will happen to HWN, making it the next great investment opportunity.

A YouTuber Seen Promoting HWN (4 Years From Now)

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