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How To Convince Yourself You Are Not a Failure

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Oh HI, It's going to be so much fun! You don't even know yet.

You are not a loser, and I am here to prove it, here is my quick guide — How to convince yourself you are not a loser:

1. It’s not you, it’s them. Are you living with your parents in your mid 20's? Still, figuring out what do you want to do with your life? Repeat after me — I am taking a reasonable decision.

Living with your parents is a long-term investment. Free food? Free-rent? I’ll take it. You can save your money AND get to sleep every day on a nice, cozy bed. Yes, you will need a bit more therapy than the rest of your friends. But what is therapy next to home-made-fresh-dinner?
Would you give up on that? Only to sleep in an apartment that used to be a shelter, just because It’s in New York?! Think again.
It’s them, the people who are doing that –they are the real losers.

2. It’s only because you are SO pretty!
Can’t find a relationship? Not even a date for the upcoming weekend? It’s only because you are too pretty.

It is a well-known fact: The more beautiful you are, the more guys will be intimidated by you. For obvious reasons, of course. They wouldn’t dare ask you out. You are fabulous, you stun them with your insane beauty, and they are just SCARED to date such a gorgeous person, that’s all.

3. Full-time corporate job is for old people, you are young.

Did you know the age of an average person working in a corporation is 46 and 8 months?
I just made that up. But I know you believed me for a second.
Corporation, full-time jobs, having your life together — this is for old people.
We are young, practically still teenagers. Ask yourself — do I need this old vibe of a nice well-paid job, when I can still work in McDonald’s and feel like a teenager? I don’t think so.

4. The Taylor Swift syndrome

Let’s check on Taylor Swift’s history for a brief second: She sits in her room, writing songs since she was I don’t know how young. Fast-forward to 2022, Taylor Swift is now in her 30s, and guess what, she is still doing the same thing since she was little — writing songs, and everybody praises her for doing that.

Taylor didn’t go to college, she didn’t try new career paths, and I don’t think someone ever told her: “Taylor, you can’t just sit and write songs all day, go to law school or try to learn how to code”.

So, when someone asks you — “why are you still acting like a little girl? Grow up already”. Just tell them — I have the Taylor Swift syndrome.
Having a healthy relationship with our hobbies is extremely important, and consistency is the key — Taylor wrote songs for decades, we are watching Gilmore Girls for the 100th time, I can barely see the difference.

5. Blame it on Capitalism.

Last but not least: blame it on capitalism.
You will not be a victim of capitalism. Look at all these people thinking they have their life together; they don’t know they are fooled. Capitalism told us we need to work in an office job, get married and get a house, etc. We, I mean you, are so over it! You don’t need any social norm telling you what to do.
And you know what? They are, the people who are following them religiously, they are the real losers.

Great. Now get out of the house, put on your “I am fine, don’t talk with me” face, and show everyone who the real losers are.


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