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How to Double-Dip (Without Being Frowned Upon)—a Humorous Instruction

An amateur comedienne, Liz loves humor and practical jokes, including funny songs. All hail April 1st & Oct. 31st! ;-)

To Dip or Not to Dip


The Etiquette Problem:

We’ve all heard it said that double-dipping is a social no-no. “That’s gross,” people will say, or even just say, “eeeeww!” Even if they don't say anything, they will be thinking it and giving you the cold shoulder. Well, there are plenty of ways around that familiar but annoying condition of more chip (or chunk of vegetable); but not enough dip to go with. Here, then, are the workarounds to that bit of social stigma.

The Big Rift

So, you got hold of one of those rare, but really large chips? This is the simplest one. Just break it in half, and dip deep with each half; presto! Plenty of dip for both halves

The Sly Bite

What? You already dipped that big chip? Not to worry. Simply bite off the part you already dipped, very carefully. Essentially, you are breaking it in half, just like the previous suggestion, but against your teeth, but being very careful that neither nor lips nor your tongue make contact with the remaining half. Now, rotate the piece 180o, and go ahead and dip that other piece; it won’t be the end you bit that contacts the dip.

The Slip and Drop

Not such a big chip, but still can’t see how to get enough dip? This is really simple. Just “accidentally” drop the chip, and let it lay over in the dip. Be sure to use a utensil to fish it out, though, and not your fingers. That way, you won’t be seen as a social pariah. The whole chip will be coated with plenty of dip for even the most dip-hungry partiers.

But, Is It Really Such a Big Deal? The Mythbusters Say No!

Going Down Deep

You can always resort to the ‘deep dipping’ tactic, but caution is advised; this works well only with sturdy chips such as corn or tortilla chips, and ridge-cut potato chips. Otherwise, you risk losing your chip entirely, with it breaking below the surface of the dip. Then, you are out the whole chip and have to begin again. Someone else will find your soggy treasure a bit later on.

The Creative Twist

So, you find yourself at the end of the chips, and almost the end of the dip at the same time? Congratulations: it doesn't often it work out that way. With that kind of luck, you should go buy a lottery ticket!

But, if you still want to finish them together, but not get dip all over your fingers, or lose the chips, just take a page out of my younger daughter's book. She came up with this one at about the age of 12.

Simply dump the remaining chips into the rest of the dip, get a spoon, stir it up, and eat with the spoon! Voilà! No mess, and no double-dipping accusations, because you just made it all yours.

Remember What Mother Taught You

But the best bet of all, that will garner you no dirty looks or snide remarks, is to simply use a spoon and take a portion of the dip onto a plate.

Now, you may double-dip to your heart’s content, in any manner you choose! All other dodges aside, that's just plain good manners! Of course, if you're trying out for a remake of "Animal House," that's another matter!

Bon appétit!

© 2018 Liz Elias

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