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How To Care For a Dog With a Large Inheritance

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Dog Inheritance

Dog Inheritance

Dog Inherits Millions

Do you know that there are hundreds of thousands of dogs in the world which have inherited large sums of money from their past owners? They may not reach in the millions of dollars, but many dogs have inherited hundred of thousands of dollars and a few have beaked the million dollar inheritance mark. A lot of people who do not understand the relationship between a dog and it's owner think that owners who leave these large sums of money for their pets are selfish and insane. But the truth is that these dogs are not just seen as just pets, but life long companions who has been there through good and bad and have provided that person with a fruitful friendship. Doesn't that sound the same has having a spouse around? Why leave your money to family members who is oblivious to your life when you have a dog that has been there throughout?

But one of the biggest problems with dog inheritance is that the dogs are unable to spend the money themselves and the funds are either trusted to be dispersed by family lawyer or another person who will stand a guardian for the dog. With this in mind, many schemes have been cooked up which has robbed the animal of the kind of living and treatment the past owner expects the animal to keep on having while they are mot around. But not all overseers are bad and has bad intentions with the dog's inheritance. Many simply has no clue about dogs and do not know how to spend on the animal except buy a dog food now and then. Well. here is a list of things to do for a dog with a large inheritance.


1. Take The Dog To Dog Spa

The past dog owner would have wanted the dog to get the best treatment there is. Having hundreds of thousands of dollars inherited can see the dog going to the dog spa at least twice per month. At the dog spa, the animal will be pampered and petted. (no pun intended) You will become jealous of the animal when you see how well these dog spa's treat them with their luxurious relaxing offers. The dog can be treated to; Therapeutic Mud Treatment - The dog is lathered with therapeutic mud. The mud is used to detox the dogs skin, removing dead cells, oils and other toxins and then floods the skin with minerals which helps to nourish the entire dogs body, boosting the animals immune system. Aside from that relaxing mud treatment, the dog can also receive paw care, facial, whitening treatment and a wide array of other services.

2. Take The Dog To Dog Vacation Resort

The dog can spend up some of that inheritance money by taking the dog to a pet vacation resort. Would you believe that each year, hundreds of thousands of dog owners enjoy vacation with their pets by taking them to a dog vacation resort? This is quite beneficial to the dog and the owner or guardian of the animal. These resorts have earthing you and your dog needs and more. There are various games and challenges for both owner and dog. Dog owners get to meet other dog owners and bonds are found at that very same place. Just picture a all inclusive hotel in Jamaica, picture yourself enjoying that service. It would be the same for your dog at the dog resort. (Except the dog probably would not be drinking rum and singing Bob Marley's)

3. Provide Home Comfort

Analyze the surroundings of the animal to see if the dog is comfortable. Get the dog a nice therapeutic large bed for the animal to sleep in. Get the dog the most comfortable collar and leash there is. If there is outdoor yard, create a beautiful garden for the dog to enjoy the finest scenery. Buy the dogs the best agility toys to help the dog keep active. Ensure that the dog has winter jackets of the highest caliber for when the cold times begin. Buy all the best accessories they have to offer in the doggy world so that the dog enjoys his/her life even after the owner passes.

5. Provide Professional Grooming

A dog which inherits a large sum of money should be well kept. Hire a professional dog groomer to keep the animals hair organized and if so be the case in design. Professional dog grooms have the expertise when it comes down to washing, trimming and if desired, designing of the dogs hair. The groomer will ensure that the animals teeth are cleaned, hair is untangled and trimmed and the animals nails are kept at a required length. After all, a rich dog should look like a million bucks right?

6. Provide the Best Health

What is life without health? The dog health must to kept up with or without medical reasons. Ensure that the dog visits the vets for required check ups. Provide the animal with healthy holistic dog suppliments which can protect the dogs organs such as the brain, kidney heart etc. Ensre that the entire home is tick and flea free. When choosing dog foods, only go for the best which is as close to beingnatural as possible. Go for dog foods which are much richer in protien meats such as chicken beef etc and not for those filled with grain and wheat. The dog is a carnivore, not a buffalo.

7. Host The Dog's Birthday Party

You can surely have a little fun now and then since the dog is filthy rich right? Why not host the dog's birthday party and invite other dog owners to bring their dogs and simply have some dog gone fun? Dogs are always excited to see and be around other dogs. A dog worth millions or hundred of thousands of dollars may not live out to use all that money. Your duty is to ensure that the dog lives out it's remaining days as happily as possible.


If you are the guardian or trustee to the money of a dog with large inheritance. It is up to you to honor the request of the passed owner. Be truthful and honest in all endevours of the dog, ensure that all extensions are stretched out to meet the needs of the dog and beyond. Treat the dog well, love the dog and respect the passed wishes.

© 2018 Clive Williams

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