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Have a Little Revenge This Mother's Day- 4 Perfect Gifts for Your Picky Mother-in-Law


Does your Mother-In-Law continuously put you down? Does she constantly remind you of your husband’s wonderful ex-girlfriends? Does she make snide comments about your cooking, your housecleaning, your clothes, your hair . . . aarrgghhh!!!

One way to increase your Mother-In-Law's acceptance of you is to show her patience and love. To do this, buy her a gift she will love and appreciate. Some of this love is sure to pass over to you.

Here are some gifts suggestions for that lady. And if you need, some snide comments you can use. Snide comments are a petty revenge, but sometimes that's just what we need.

Mirror, Mirror

This item was a favorite of Snow White's stepmother. If your Mother-In-Law is making you feel like a stepchild, you may want to get her a lighted makeup mirror with magnification. I bet she will love it so much that it will delay the poisoned apple.

Mirror, Mirror


Why a Makeup Mirror?

Once we are over 50 our vision becomes worse. It seems to be a fact of life. First come the reading glasses, then the trip to the optometrist, then the bifocals. Wearing glasses is not hard, but have you ever tried to put on makeup with them on?

Eye makeup is nearly impossible to put on with glasses in the way. What can we do? Lighted makeup mirrors are great. Especially with magnification. As our eyes get worse, light helps the focus. Many written items you can't see in the shadows are visible in good lighting.

Magnification is key! Try putting on eye-liner in a blurry mirror and you will see what us older folks have to put up with every day. Usually a 5X magnification is sufficient, however some prefer a 10X.

Good Makeup Day

We need mirrors to get makeup on correctly.

We need mirrors to get makeup on correctly.

Why a 3-Fold Mirror?

Many of us have limited space in our bathrooms. This makes a large mirror impractical. However impractical, we still want to be able to see our whole face while putting on make-up. I find a three-fold mirror helps me do just this. It allows me to see my entire face and reflects the lights preventing any shadows.

Folding mirrors also store well. This prevents that cluttered look on the counters in the bathroom, or where ever you put on your makeup. Some mirrors fold flat making it simple to take on trips with you. Whether traveling for business or for pleasure, we all want to look our best.

Mirror with Electrical Cord versus Batteries

I prefer a mirror with an electrical cord versus a mirror that runs on batteries. I feel the corded mirrors are brighter. I also appreciate never having to find batteries at the last moment. The last time I had a battery mirror I was late to an important appointment knowing I didn't look my best. I learned my lesson!

Some corded mirrors have a power outlet on the front base. This is extremely handy for styling your hair. It also gives you a place to charge your phone on those days that the calls never end.

Snide Remarks

If you Mother-In-Law does not have a makeup mirror, or has an old one, she will love this gift! Within a week she will wonder how she ever lived without it. Among her exclamations of happiness for this marvelous gift you can get some small revenge by interspersing comments such as:

  • We know how hard it gets to see clearly as one gets older.
  • We thought it would help you see better when you are putting on all that makeup.
  • We know how much you adore to look at yourself.

It's a small revenge for the comments she has made to you, but sometimes small is all it takes to make us feel better.

Clean House

Is your Mother-In-Law always complaining of housework? Does she complain of pet hair and dirt after you bring the kids and dog to visit? Does she detest housework, but wants a clean place. Or, is she just to lazy too clean. Get her the gift of clean.

Rosie was the robotic maid in the Jetsons cartoon. I would love to have one, but until a "Rosie" comes on the market how about a robotic vacuum? It can't cook, but it can get in the corners.


Robotic Vacuum

I own an robotic vacuum cleaner. It is so convenient and easy. I turn it on and away it goes. When I first purchased this machine I would just sit and watch it clean, mesmerized. The vacuum doesn't seem to have any plan. It goes, it bumps into something, it goes another way, seemingly without rhyme or reason. However, there must be some plan because when it finishes everything is clean. It even gets against the walls and in the corners.

Gets Under Furniture

One of the best features, I think, is a robotic vacuum's ability to go under most furniture.I have a dog and the hair she sheds always seems to accumulate underneath things. I no longer need to move the furniture or get down on my hands and knees to get all those annoying dust bunnies. I just run my vacuum and the bunnies run for the hills. I had hurt my back and was having a great deal of difficulty cleaning. Still, to this day, I think that this vacuum was one of the best purchases of my life.

Snide Remarks #2

While you are explaining the vacuum's features and how it works, you can add in little jabs such as:

  • I know you are so busy with your social life, you will love this! It will clean your house since you don't have the time.
  • You can finally get rid of all those dust bunnies under the furniture!
  • Now you can clean while you sit on the sofa watching your soaps.

In her excitement over her new "toy" your Mother-In-Law may never realize you had insulted her. Now, when she comes home to that freshly vacuumed house, she will think of you. It is almost like you vacuumed for her.

Who can resist cream puffs?


Fat Head

She may be thin, but she surely is a fat head! Either she is fishing for compliments, asking, "does this make me look fat?", or, she is putting you down saying, "You had better watch what you eat, (your spouse's name here) doesn't like fat women/men."

This Mother's Day buy her her favorite dessert. We all have a favorite, and some of us like chocolate and other candy. But it doesn't need to be candy. It can be cookies, cake or pie also. Just as long as it is irresistible and fattening.

My downfall are chocolate chip cookie (the chewy ones) and chocolate covered pretzels. Well, really, anything chocolate covered. I must take a few and put the rest in an inconvenient place or I will eat them all in one sitting.

You won't need any comments with this one! Just smile and enjoy the thought of her putting on that 10 pounds. However, you may enjoy being the one saying, "tsk, tsk, tsk! I guess I should have known better than to buy you that (your gift here)".

Can Miracles Happen?

The jar says it all. "Hope in a jar...philosophy: Where there is hope there can be faith, where there is faith miracles can occur." Just smile sweetly and tell her, "I thought of you as soon as I saw this!"


However, be careful what you want because this little jar just may really work miracles. It will improve skin tone and radiance in a way that will make her look 10 years younger. This gift may just make you the favorite daughter-in-law.

I find it absorbs quickly with out leaving that greasy feel you can get with so many moisturizers. I also love the clean, fresh scent. Just a warning, when reading reviews I discovered many people find it too medicinal for their flavor.

Philosophy donates 1% of all USA net product sales to support the community. They specialize in support of community-based mental health and wellness promotion, and prevention and treatment of related issues. A perfect gift and giving back!

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